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Electromagnetic Time Reversal: Application to EMC and Power Systems

Electromagnetic Time Reversal: Application to EMC and Power Systems

Farhad Rachidi (Editor), Marcos Rubinstein (Editor), Mario Paolone (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-119-14211-9 January 2017 304 Pages


The aim of this book is to familiarize the reader with the concept of electromagnetic time reversal, and introduce up-to-date applications of the concept found in the areas of electromagnetic compatibility and power systems. It is original in its approach to describing propagation and transient issues in power networks and power line communication, and is the result of the three main editors' pioneering research in the area.

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1 Time Reversal: A Different Perspective 1
M. Rubinstein, F. Rachidi, and M. Paolone

2 Time Reversal in Diffusive Media 29
A. Cozza and F. Monsef

3 From Electromagnetic Time-Reversal Theoretical Accuracy to Practical Robustness for EMC Applications 91
P. Bonnet, S. Lalléchère, and F. Paladian

4 Amplification of ElectromagneticWaves Using Time Reversal 145
Matthieu Davy, Mathias Fink, and Julien de Rosny

5 Application of Time Reversal to Power Line Communications for theMitigation of Electromagnetic Radiation 169
P. Pagani, M. Ney, and A. Zeddam

6 Application of Electromagnetic Time Reversal to Lightning Location 189
M. Rubinstein and F. Rachidi

7 Electromagnetic Time Reversal Applied to Fault Location in Power Networks 217
R. Razzaghi, G. Lugrin, M. Paolone, and F. Rachidi

Index 275