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Electrometallurgy 2012

Electrometallurgy 2012

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Proceedings of a symposium sponsored by The Metallurgy and Materials Society of CIM and the Hydrometallurgy and Electrometallurgy Committee of the Extraction and Processing Division of TMS (The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society)
Held during the TMS 2012 Annual Meeting & Exhibition Orlando, Florida, USA, March 11-15, 2012

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Electrometallurgy 2012

Session I

Electrometallurgy - Now and in the Future 3
M. Free, M. Moats, T. Robinson, G. Houlachi, N. Neelameggham, D. Creber, G. Holywell, and M. Ginatta

A Novel Oxygen Evolution Anode for Electrowinning of Non-ferrous Metals 29
T. Zhang, andM. Morimitsu

Novel DSA Anode for Electrowinning of Non Ferrous Metals 35
A. Antozzi, C. W. Brown, and A. Colderara

Increasing Oxygen Charge Transfer Resistance on the Anode in Copper Electrowinning 41
R. Mathew

Performance and Commercialization of the Smart Anode, MSA, for Environmentally Friendly Electrometallurgical Process 49
M. Morimitsu

Development of a Fully Dynamic Simulation of a Zinc Electrowinning Tankhouse 55
M. Mahon, S. Peng, L. Wasik, and A. Alfantazi

Aqueous Electrodeposition of Molybdenum-The Deposition of Smooth Metallic Molybdenum from Aqueous Electrolytes Containing Molybdate Ions 65
T. Money, L. Penner, F. Benard, T. Ruth, P. Schaffer, S. Zeisler, and E. Asselin

Lead Anodes Performance in Nickel Electrowinning 77
F. Mohammadi, M. Tunnicliffe, P. Nesbit, and A. Alfantazi

A Study on the Effect of Different Additives in Electrolyte in Zinc Electrowinning Process Using Taguchi Statistical Experimental Design Methodology 87
S. Dashti, F. Rashchi, and E. Vahidi

Session II

Molten Carbonates in the Energy Field, as Electrolytes, Composite Materials, Fuel Carriers or Reaction Media 97
M. Cassir

The Equilibrium between Titanium Ions and Metal Titanium in Fluoride-Chloride 103
Q. Wang, G. Hu, S. Jiao, and H. Zhu

Effect of Electronic Current on the Solid Oxide Membrane (SOM) Process for Magnesium Production 111
E. Gratz, S. Pati, J. Milshtein, A. Powell, and U. Pal

Behavior of Silicon Electrodepositing in Fluoride Molten Salts 119
X. Wang, S. Jiao, and H. Zhu

Session III

Investigation of Nucleation and Plating Overpotentials during Copper Electrowinning using the Galvanostatic Staircase Method 127
M. Moats, and A. Derrick

Nucleation and Growth of Copper on Stainless Steel Cathode Blanks in Electrorefining 139
J. Aromaa, O. Forsen, and A. Kekki

Developments in Base Metal Electrowinning Cellhouse Design 147
T. Robinson, K. Sole, M. Moats, F. Crundwell, M. Morimitsu, and L. Palmu

The Recovery of Manganese from the Boleo Project Using Leach, Precipitation and Electrolytic Manganese Metal Production 157
T. Gluck, D. Dreisinger, and J. Lu

The Recovery of Cobalt from the Boleo Deposit Using Leach, SX and EW 169
D. Dreisinger, T. Gluck, and J. Lu

Session IV

Fundamental Reduction Kinetics of Fe(III) on Chalcopyrite Surface 183
G. Yue, and E. Asselin

Cathodic Reactions on Oxidized Chalcopyrite Electrode 199
A. Ghahremaninezhad, E. Asselin, and D. Dixon

Investigation of Charge Transfer Resistance at Pyrite Electrodes Modified by Gold and Silver Nanoparticles 207
M. Eghbalnia, and D. Dixon

Electrochemistry of Enargite: Reactivity in Alkaline Solutions 217
R. Gow, C. Young, H. Huang, G. Hope, and Y. Takasaki

Electrochemical Evaluation of Petzite Leaching 227
L. Dyer, M. Eghbalnia, D. Dixon, J. Rumball, and E. Asselin

Effect of pH And Temperature on Meso-2,3-Dimercaptosuccinic Acid Mediated Dissolution of Polycrystalline Au Electrodes 237
S. Smith, E. Guerra, and J. Shepherd

Design and Commissioning of a Laboratory Scale Electrocoagulation Reactor 247
E. Guerra, P. Mahadevan, and S. Chefai

Author Index 253

Subject Index 255