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Electromigration and Electronic Device Degradation

Electromigration and Electronic Device Degradation

Aris Christou (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-58489-6

Dec 1993

343 pages

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Addresses electromigration failure modes in electronics covering both theory and experiments. Reviews silicon and GaAs technologies. Various rate controlling details are summarized including an investigation of temperature dependence. Concludes with a discussion regarding current status and future plans for electromigration resistant advanced metallization systems for VLSI.
Reliability and Electromigration Degradation of GaAs Microwave Monolithic Integrated Circuits (A. Christou).

Simulation and Computer Models for Electromigration (P. Tang).

Temperature Dependencies on Electromigration (M. Pecht & P. Lall).

Electromigration and Related Failure Mechanisms in VLSI Metallizations (A. Christou & M. Peckerar).

Metallic Electromigration Phenomena (S. Krumbein).

Theoretical and Experimental Study of Electromigration (J. Zhao).

GaAs on Silicon Performance and Reliability (P. Panayotatos, et al.).

Electromigration and Stability of Multilayer Metal-Semiconductor Systems on GaAs (A. Christou).

Electrothermomigration Theory and Experiments in Aluminum Thin Film Metallizations (A. Christou).

Reliable Metallization for VLSI (M. Peckerar).