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Electron Cyclotron Heating of Plasmas

Electron Cyclotron Heating of Plasmas

Gareth Guest

ISBN: 978-3-527-62788-2

Feb 2010

264 pages

Select type: O-Book


Authored by a highly regarded plasma scientist, this book fills the gap for a topical reference and source with a professional audience in mind. While the use of this critical method at the international fusion reactor, ITER, is covered in detail, the monograph also includes planetary magnetospheres and plasma sources for commercial applications.
With exercises and solutions for additional use as course reading.
1 Historical Overview
2 Magnetic Fields
3 Electron Orbits and Unperturbed Single-Particle Motions
4 Microwave Coupling, Propagation and Absorption
5 Interaction of Electrons with Electrodynamic Fields at Resonance
6 ECH Dominated Plasma Equilibria
7 Plasma Stability in ECH Plasmas
8 Results and Interpretations of ECH Experiments in Mirror-like Configurations
9 Experiments and Applications in Toroidal Magnetic Configurations
10 The ELMO Bumpy Torus
11 ECH Applications to Space Plasmas
12 Some Issues of Microwave Technology Central to ECH
"Presents the fundamentals of ECH that are essential to its successful implementation in applications ... .Exercises are included to aid the reader in making the theory more concrete." (ETDE's Energy Database, 2009)