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Electron Spin Resonance Spectroscopy of Organic Radicals

Electron Spin Resonance Spectroscopy of Organic Radicals

Fabian Gerson, Walter Huber

ISBN: 978-3-527-60524-8

Mar 2006

479 pages



Electron spin resonance spectroscopy is the method used to determine the structure and life expectancy of a number of radicals. Written by Fabian Gerson and Walter Huber, top experts in the field of electron spin resonance spectroscopy, this book offers a compact yet readily comprehensible introduction to the modern world of ESR. Thanks to its comprehensive coverage, ranging from fundamental theory right up to the treatment of all important classes of organic radicals and triplet-state molecules that can be analyzed using ESR spectroscopy, this unique book is suitable for users in both research and industry. Instead of using complex mathematical derivations, the authors present a readily understandable approach to the field by interpreting sample spectra and classifying experimental data.

In short, the ideal book for newcomers to the subject and an absolute must-have for everyone confronted with ESR spectroscopy and wanting to become acquainted with this widely-used method of analysis.
Physical Fundamentals
Paramagnetism of Organic Molecules
Analysis of Spectra
Theoretical Interpretation
Calculations of Coupling Constants
Generation of Radicals
Neutral Radicals
Radical Ions
Polyions and Polyradicals
Selected Species
"This book should serve as a comprehensive one-volume source for finding what is known about the splitting constants and g factors of virtually all types of organic radicals." (Journal of the American Chemistry Society, 2004 Vol. 126 No. 20)