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Electron and Proton Kinetics and Dynamics in Flaring Atmospheres

Electron and Proton Kinetics and Dynamics in Flaring Atmospheres

Valentina Zharkova

ISBN: 978-3-527-63967-0

Jun 2012

458 pages



This timely book presents new research results on high-energy particle physics related to solar flares, covering the theory and applications of the reconnection process in a clear and comprehensible way. It investigates particle kinetics and dynamics in flaring atmospheres and their diagnostics from spectral observations, while providing an analysis of the observation data and techniques and comparing various models.
Written by an internationally acclaimed expert, this is vital reading for all solar, astro-, and plasma physicists working in the field.
1. Observational Phenomena of Solar Flares
2. Particle Acceleration in Flares
3. Electron Beam Precipitation -
Continuity Equation Approach
4. Stationary and Impulsive Injection of Electron Beams in a Converging Magnetic Field
5. Proton Beam Kinetics
6. Hydrodynamic Response to Particle Injection
7. Hard X-ray Bremsstrahlung Emission and Polarisation
8. Microwave Emission and Polarisation
9. Effect of Self-induced Electric Field on the Generation of Langmuir Turbulence
10. Hydrogen Non-thermal Excitation and Ionization by Electron Beams
11. Ha Line Impact Polarisation
12. Sunquakes associated with Solar Flares