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Electronic Commerce: B2C Strategies and Models

Electronic Commerce: B2C Strategies and Models

Steve Elliott (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-85136-4

Jan 2003

368 pages



Despite upheaval, industry continues to embrace the concepts of electronic commerce. Yet a major barrier to widespread implementation is uncertainty within organizations as how best to proceed. This proven guide to the implementation of B2C e-commerce addresses the documented uncertainties of business and consumers with Internet retailing by presenting the experiences of leading players in each of six economies. The countries represent a broad range of environments to identify issues that may be specific to a particular market, and the firms have been selected as significant examples of Internet retailing in industry sectors recognized as leaders in the use of the Internet.

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Foreword by Peter Keen.


Series Preface by Rudy Hirschheim.

Introduction to B2C Strategies and Models (Steve Elliot).

Internet Retailing in Australia (Steve Elliot).

Internet Retailing in Denmark (Niels Bjørn-Andersen).

Internet Retailing in Greece (Nikolaos Mylonopoulus & Katherine Pramataris).

Internet Retailing in Hong Kong, China (Matthew Lee).

Internet Retailing in the United Kingdom (Bob Galliers & Anne Wiggins).

Internet Retailing in the United States (Don Lloyd Cook, et al.).

Evaluating Websites and Surveying Customers Online (Steve Elliot & Niels Bjørn-Andersen).

Research Model and Theoretical Implications (Steve Elliot).

Conclusion (Steve Elliot).


"…a well rounded book…a valuable addition to the manager’s library…worth the investment for the business student as well…" ( (M2 Best books, 13 August 2002)
  • One of the few rigorous, high-level studies of B2C electronic commerce for managers and postgraduate business students
  • International appeal – draws practical guidance from case studies across a broad range of countries, environments and markets
  • Specific trade relevance - industries covered include travel, books, music, technology, groceries and general merchandise