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Electronics with Discrete Components

Electronics with Discrete Components

Enrique J. Galvez

ISBN: 978-1-118-32441-7

Apr 2012

352 pages



Designed for a one semester course on electronics for physics and science majors, this text offers a comprehensive, up-to-date alternative to currently available texts by providing a modern approach to the course. It includes the mix of theory and practice that matches the typical electronics course syllabus with balanced coverage of both digital and analog electronics.

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1 The Basics.

2 Introduction to Digital Electronics.

3 Combinational Logic.

4 Advanced Combinational Devices.

5 Sequential Logic.

6 AC Signals.

7 Filters and the Frequency Domain.

8 Diodes.

9 Transistors.

10 Operational Amplifiers.

11 Connecting Digital to Analog and to the World.

Appendix A Logic Board.

Appendix B If the Circuit Does Not Work.

Appendix C Curve Tracker.


• Up-to-date and comprehensive coverage of both digital and analog electronics.

• A central emphasis that electronics is hands-on; that the objective is to build something; and that no black-boxes should be left unopened.

• A focus on discrete components so that students can build their understanding of more complex integrated devices and their specifications.

• Student friendly writing style

• Lab Projects section at the end of most chapters which contain many interesting circuits that have been proven to work well for instruction.

• Accompanying Lab Manual as well as an online component that allows for regular updates to contemporary equipment.