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Elementary Economic Evaluation in Health Care, 2nd Edition



Elementary Economic Evaluation in Health Care, 2nd Edition

Tom Jefferson, Vittorio Demicheli, Miranda Mugford

ISBN: 978-0-727-91478-1 May 2000 BMJ Books 148 Pages


There is a growing reliance on all health care workers to understand and practice economic evaluation. This comprehensive book written in jargon-free language provides a basic introduction to the subject. It succeeds in explaining both the principles of economic evaluation and how to use them.

The second edition has been revised throughout and now includes a chapter on decision making, which explains the tools of systematic reviewing so bringing the book right up to date.
1. About health economics.


The importance of economic evaluation.

Economic logic - resources, margin, and opportunity cost.

Economic logic and medical ethics.

The expansion and evolution of health economics.

Suggested reading.

2. The basis of economic evaluation.

Methods of economic evaluation.

Suggested reading.

3. Cost-of-illnes studies (coi).

Scenario for cost-of-illness study.


Areas of controversy.

Suggested reading.

4. Cost-minimisation analysis (cma).

Scenario for cost-minimisation analysis.

Areas of controversy.


Suggested reading.

5. Cost-effectiveness analysis (cea).

Scenario for cost-effectiveness analysis.

Areas of controversy.

Suggested reading.

6. Cost-utility analysis (cua).

Scenario for cost-utility analysis.

Areas of controversy.

Suggested reading.

7. Cost-benefit analysis (cba).

Scenario for cost-benefit analysis.

Areas of controversy.

Suggested reading.

8. Current issues.

Economic evaluation and clinical trials.

Uses of economic literature.

Secondary economic evaluations.

Quality and peer review of economic submissions.

Bmj referees' checklist.

Interest groups.

Health economists' study group (hesg).

Suggested reading.

Recommended reviews.

Appendix 1 Costing methodology for any type of economic evaluation.

Appendix 2 Economic logic applied to management of health services - forms of economic appraisal.

Appendix 3 An introduction to health care decision analysis.

Appendix 4 Glossary

- Fully revised and updated
- A comprehensive guide to getting started in economic evaluation
- Provides helpful checklists, flow diagrams and appendices, and further reading lists at the end of each chapter
- Contains real life case histories
- Relevant for all health care workers