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Elementary Fluid Mechanics, 7th Edition

Elementary Fluid Mechanics, 7th Edition

Robert L. Street, Gary Z. Watters, John K. Vennard

ISBN: 978-0-471-01310-5

Jun 1995

784 pages

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This edition retains the basic approach and style that has appealed to readers for over fifty years. The first half focuses on fundamental physical and analytical principles. The second half covers applications of those principles to flow in pipes and open channels, lift and drag, fluid machinery, and compressible flow. The final chapter is an introduction to an array of fluid measurements and the instruments for making them.

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Fluid Statics.

Kinematics of Fluid Motion.

Systems, Control Volumes, Conservation of Mass, and The Reynolds Transport Theorem.

Flow of an Incompressible Ideal Fluid.

The Impulse-Momentum Principle.

Flow of a Real Fluid.

Similitude, Dimensional Analysis and Normalization of Equations of Motion.

Flow in Pipes.

Flow in Open Channels.

Lift and Drag--Incompressible Flow.

Introduction to Fluid Machinery.

Flow of Compressible Fluids.

Fluid Measurements.