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Elementary Linear Algebra, Textbook and Student Solutions Manual , 10th Edition

Elementary Linear Algebra, Textbook and Student Solutions Manual , 10th Edition

Howard Anton

ISBN: 978-1-118-02469-0

Nov 2010

Select type: Hardcover


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When it comes to learning linear algebra, engineers trust Anton. The tenth edition presents the key concepts and topics along with engaging and contemporary applications. The chapters have been reorganized to bring up some of the more abstract topics and make the material more accessible. More theoretical exercises at all levels of difficulty are integrated throughout the pages, including true/false questions that address conceptual ideas. New marginal notes provide a fuller explanation when new methods and complex logical steps are included in proofs. Small-scale applications also show how concepts are applied to help engineers develop their mathematical reasoning.
  • More basic applications are covered throughout
  • Section-end Concept Review helps students to review and prepare for exams
  • Skills listed at the end of every section are learning objectives that students and professors can use to measure progress
  • True/false exercises quickly assess conceptual understanding and logical reasoning
  • Chapters 3 and 4 from the 9th are combined to form a single chapter on Euclidean vector spaces, providing more compact coverage and facilitating earlier introduction of general vector spaces
  • Eigenvalues and eigenvectors are introduced earlier, in chapter 5, making it easier for instructors who want to spend more time on these important topics
  • Chapter 9 focuses on numerical approaches that better reflect current usage of computers
Highlights Relationships among Concepts – By continually revisiting the web of relationships among systems of equations, matrices, determinants, vectors, linear transformations, and eigenvalues, Anton helps students to perceive linear algebra as a cohesive subject rather than as a collection of isolated definitions and techniques.

Proof Sketches – Students sharpen their mathematical reasoning skills and understanding of proofs by filling in justifications for proof steps in some exercises.

Emphasizes Visualization – Geometric aspects of various topics are emphasized, to support visual learners, and to provide an additional layer of understanding for all students. The geometric approach naturally leads to contemporary applications of linear algebra in computer graphics that are covered in the text.

Mathematically Sound – Mathematical precision appropriate for mathematics majors is maintained in a book whose explanations and pedagogy meet the needs of engineering, science, and business/economics students.