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Elements of Photonics, Volume I: In Free Space and Special Media

Elements of Photonics, Volume I: In Free Space and Special Media

Keigo Iizuka, Bahaa E. A. Saleh (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-22107-4

Apr 2002

664 pages


Deals with photonics in free space and special media such as anisotropic crystals.
* Covers all important topics from Fourier optics, such as the properties of lenses, optical image processing, and holography to the Gaussian beam, light propagation in anisotropic media, external field effects, polarization of light and its major applications.
* The book is self-contained and is suitable as a textbook for a two-semester course.
* Provides a particularly good discussion of the electromagnetics of light in bounded media.
* Only book that treats the two complementary topics, fiber and integrated optics.
* Careful and thorough presentation of the topics that makes it well suited for courses and self study.
* Includes numerous figures, problems and worked-out solutions.
* Heavily illustrated with over 400 figures specially formatted to aid in comprehension.
Whisking through Fourier Optics.

Fabry Perot Resonators and Gaussian Beams.


Optical Guides.

Planar Geometry.

Propagation of Light in Crystals.

Optical Properties of Crystals.

Polarized Light.

How to Construct and Use Poincare Sphere.

Phase Conjugate Optics.

Modes and Dispersion in Optical Fibers.

Detecting Light.

Optical Amplifiers.


Stationary and Solitary Solutions in a Nonlinear Medium.

Communicating by Fiber Optics.
""...well organized...collects all the necessary information needed to learn wave- and Fourier optics as well as fiber communication without paging through many references or basic publications."" (CIE News, December 2003)

""...a must for all libraries at universities and industrial laboratories..."" (Optik, 2003)