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Emerging Perspectives on Substance Misuse



Emerging Perspectives on Substance Misuse

Willm Mistral

ISBN: 978-1-118-30662-8 June 2013 Wiley-Blackwell 232 Pages

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Emerging Perspectives on Substance Misuse addresses theoretical, practice and policy issues with regard to the problematic use of alcohol and illegal drugs.


  • Comprises chapters from some of the most internationally well-known academics and practitioners representing a range of different specializations and perspectives in the field
  • Presents a wide range of emerging evidence-based perspectives
  • Includes content relevant for researchers, practitioners, and policy makers who work with individuals or policy related to drug and alcohol misuse
  • Areas covered include -  gender and substance use, working with children and families of substance misusers and  the emerging recovery movement

Contributors vii

About the Editor ix

Preface xi

1 Changing Perspectives on Problematic Drug Use 1
Richard Velleman

2 Formulating Effective Alcohol Policy: Not as Simple as it Sounds 23
Robin Davidson

3 Binge Drinking: Consumption, Consequences, Causes and Control 40
Willm Mistral

4 A Picture Tells a Thousand Stories: Young Women, Mobile Technology, and Drinking Narratives 59
Rebecca Brown

5 Exploring Emerging Perspectives on Gender and Drug Use 80
Karenza Moore and Fiona Measham

6 Embracing Children and Families in Substance-Misuse Treatment 98
Lorna Templeton

7 In Their Own Right: Developing Confidential Services for Children and Young People Affected by Parental Alcohol and Drug Use 118
Louise Hill

8 Screening for Alcohol Use Disorders 134
Lesley Smith

9 From Comorbidity to Multiple Health Behaviour Change 152
Amanda Baker, Sarah Hiles, Louise Thornton, Amanda Searl, Peter Kelly, and Frances Kay-Lambkin

10 Counselling in Intensive Structured Day Treatment: The Co-production of Recovery 170
Tim Leighton

11 Movements Towards Recovery 187
Willm Mistral and Stephen Wilkinson

12 How Current Drug Laws Impede Research and Clinical Treatments 206
David Nutt

Index 215

“This book goes a long way to filling that gap and I will be adding this text as essential reading for my students. I recommend it to the readers of Drugs: Education, Prevention and Policy.”  (Drugs: education, prevention and policy, 1 December 2014)

“The book skilfully and succinctly summarises current knowledge about substance misuse, along with thought-provoking perspectives on the wider issues related to an individual’s use and the impact it has on themselves and society.  In doing so, it provides a valuable snapshot view of topics, which students and professionals might further explore.”  (DrugLink, 1 March 2014)

"The essays address such diverse topics as drug criminalization law, alcohol policy, screening for alcohol disorders, and various aproaches to addiction treatment. While the essays are not tightly interrelated, they provide a broad view of current trends in drug use research that may particularly help researchers in the US to keep abreast of developments in other parts of the world." (Journal of Psychoactive Drugs, May 2014)