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Emerging Pollutants: Origin, Structure, and Properties

Emerging Pollutants: Origin, Structure, and Properties

Francisco G. Calvo-Flores, Joaquin Isac-Garcia, Jose A. Dobado

ISBN: 978-3-527-69121-0

Nov 2017

3000 pages



An excellent, concise, and interdisciplinary overview of different classes of emerging pollutants arising, for example, from pharmaceuticals, pesticides, personal care products, and industrial chemicals and their impact on water, soil, and air.
Following an introduction to chemical pollutants, with special attention focused on organic compounds and their properties, the book goes on to describe major emerging pollutants grouped according to their applications in different sectors of industrial or economic activity. For each type of compound, the chemical structure, main properties, and source are presented, along with their fate in the environment as pollutants, the latest analytical methods for detection, possible health or ecology consequences, as well as current regulatory laws. New developments, such as nanotechnology as a pollution source, are also included. The book closes with a chapter devoted to conclusions and future perspectives.
Emerging Pollutants from Pharmaceutical and Related Products
Illegal Drugs, Occurence, and Fate in Environment
Pesticides as Pollutants
Food Additives
Industrial Additives as Emerging Contaminants
Surfactants in the Environment
Personal-Care Products
Nanotechnology as a Pollution Source
Conclusions and Perspectives