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Emotion-Focused Cognitive Therapy

Mick Power

ISBN: 978-0-470-66007-2 January 2010 212 Pages


Emotion Focused Cognitive Therapy argues that it is time for a new focus in psychotherapy based on emotion, and presents an innovative approach to the treatment of clients with emotional disorders.
  • Features an approach based on the latest work in cognition and emotion
  • Offers psychologists an innovative way of working in therapy
  • Draws on the strengths evidence-based cognitive behavioural and interpersonal approaches to psychotherapy
  • Provides relevant case examples throughout the text
  • Additional resources for the book available online here
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1 Introduction.

2 WhatisanEmotion?

3 Therapy.

4 The Assessment of Emotion.

5 TooMuch Emotion.

6 Too Little Emotion.

7 Additional Topics.

8 An Overview of EFCT.



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