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Emotional Freedom Technique For Dummies

Emotional Freedom Technique For Dummies

Helena Fone

ISBN: 978-0-470-75876-2 March 2009 328 Pages


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A member of the Energy Therapies family - which includes, acupuncture, acupressure and shiatsu - Emotional Freedom Technique is a simple and increasingly popular self- development therapy used to treat a wide range of physical and emotional issues. Popularised by figures including Paul McKenna, EFT is based on the theory that negative emotions are caused by disturbances in the body's energy. Often referred to as acupuncture without needles, EFT involves locating and tapping on meridian points in the body while thinking of a negative emotion and using positive suggestion and thoughts to alter the body's energy flow, restore balance and reprogram thought processes.

This no-nonsense guide introduces readers to the theories and methods behind the technique and shows them how to use it to reduce the physical and emotional impact of a wide range of issues including, depression, fears, phobias, anger, addictions, sleeplessness and pain. It's simple, safe, anyone can practice it at home and with EFT For Dummies readers can banish bad habits for good.

Includes information on:

  • The path to emotional freedom - explaining EFT
  • Understanding your emotions
  • Basic EFT tapping routines
  • Improving emotional health with EFT
  • Practising EFT on yourself and others


Helena Fone is a registered EFT practitioner and trainer and an advanced hypnotherapist.  She has a diploma in advanced holistic hypnotherapy and   practices CBT and NLP.

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Part I: The Path to Emotional Freedom.

Chapter 1: Explaining EFT.

Chapter 2: Understanding Emotions.

Chapter 3: The Basic EFT Tapping Routine.

Part II: Venturing Further with EFT.

Chapter 4: Advancing Forwards with EFT.

Chapter 5: Refining Your Technique.

Chapter 6: Overcoming Stumbling Blocks.

Part III: Finding Your Way to Inner Happiness.

Chapter 7: Discovering How to Love Yourself.

Chapter 8: Relating to Relationships.

Chapter 9: Fighting Fears, Phobias, and Anxieties.

Chapter 10: Beating Anger.

Chapter 11: Releasing the Emotions At tached to Stress, Trauma, and Abuse.

Part IV: Applying EFT to Physical Issues.

Chapter 12: Controlling Cravings, Addictions, and Bad Habits.

Chapter 13: Healing the Body.

Chapter 14: Secrets of Successful Sleep.

Part V: Exploring Other Avenues.

Chapter 15: Empowering Yourself and Others.

Chapter 16: Treating Children with EFT.

Chapter 17: Doing Business with EFT.

Part VI: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 18: Ten (or so) Other Therapies That Harmonise with EFT.

Chapter 19: Ten Frequently Asked Questions about EFT.

Chapter 20 : Ten Ways EFT Can Improve Your Life.

Appendix: Resources.