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Emotions at Work: Theory, Research and Applications for Management

Emotions at Work: Theory, Research and Applications for Management

Roy L. Payne (Editor), Cary L. Cooper (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-84938-5

Jan 2003

374 pages



In this book, the authors provide up-to-date thinking and research on the broad range of emotional experience in working environments with particular attention to the causes of emotional change, the consequences of emotional experience for individuals and their organisations, and the implications for effective strategies for managing individuals (including oneself) and organisations.
* Offers systematic coverage of the latest concepts of emotion and methods for research in organisations

* Includes scientific understanding and critique of the field as well as implications for organisational practice.
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Part I: The nature of emotion.

Chapter 1: Varieties and functions of human emotion (Robb Stanley and Graham Burrows)

Chapter 2: Emotion, mood, and temperament: similarities, differences, and a synthesis (Elizabeth Gray and David Watson)

Chapter 3: Discrete emotions in organizational life (Richard Lazarus and Yochi Cohen-Charash)

Part II Measuring and assessing emotion at work.

Chapter 4: Emotions in the workplace: biological correlates (Maurice King).

Chapter 5: Measuring emotions at work (Roy Payne).

Part III Organizational influences on emotion.

Chapter 6: Affect at work: a historical perspective (Howard Weiss and Art Brief).

Chapter 7: Culture as a source, expression, and reinforcer of emotions in organizations (Janice Beyer and David Niño).

Chapter 8: Origins and consequences of emotions in organizational teams (Carsten de Dreu, Michael West, Agneta Fischer, and Sarah MacCurtain).

Chapter 9: Emotions and organizational control (Stephen Fineman).

Part IV: Managing emotions in the workplace.

Chapter 10: Helping individuals manage emotional responses (Rose Evison).

Chapter 11: Organizational management of stress and destructive emotions at work (Cary Cooper and Sue Cartwright).

Chapter 12: Emotion and offices at work (Ian Donald).

Part V: Emotions and the future.

Chapter 13: Future work and its emotional implications (Peter Herriot).

Chapter 14: Inner technology: emotions in the new millennium (Ayman Sawaf, Harold Bloomfield, and Jared Rosen).

Conclusion (Roy L. Payne and Cary L. Cooper).