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Employee Engagement For Dummies

Employee Engagement For Dummies

Bob Kelleher

ISBN: 978-1-118-75606-5

Dec 2013

360 pages



The easy way to boost employee engagement

Today more than ever, companies and leaders need a road map to help them boost employee engagement levels. Employee Engagement For Dummies helps employers implement the necessary plans to create and sustain an engaging culture, allowing them to attract and retain the best people while boosting their productivity and creativity.

Employee Engagement For Dummies helps you foster employee engagement, a concept that furthers an organization's interests through ensuring that employees remain involved in, committed to, and fulfilled by their work. It covers: practical steps to boost employee engagement with your company or team; how to engage different generations of employees; the keys to reduce voluntary employee turnover; practical tools to help retain and engage your employees; processes that will boost employee retention and productivity; hiring the best fits from the start; and much more.

  • Helps you recognize and understand the impact of positive employee engagement
  • Helps you attract and retain the best employees

Employee Engagement For Dummies is for business leaders at all levels who are looking to better engage their employees and increase morale and productivity.

Foreword xiii

Introduction 1

Part I: Getting Started with Employee Engagement 5

Chapter 1: Basic Training: Employee Engagement Basics 7

Chapter 2: The Hard Sell: Making a Business Case for Employee Engagement 15

Chapter 3: Engagement Gauges: Finding Your Employee Engagement Baseline 31

Chapter 4: Motivation Nation: Engagement and Motivation 47

Chapter 5: Talk to Me! The Importance of Communication 59

Part II: Strategies for Driving Engagement 89

Chapter 6: Winning Their Hearts and Minds: Driving Engagement with a Sense of Purpose 91

Chapter 7: People Who Lead People: Engaging Employees through Leadership 105

Chapter 8: Talkin’ ’Bout My Generation: Driving Engagement across Generations 121

Chapter 9: Go, Team! Driving Engagement through Team Development 139

Chapter 10: Brandy, You’re a Fine Girl: Driving Engagement through Branding 163

Chapter 11: Game On! Driving Engagement with Gamification 177

Part III: Selecting the Right Employees to Increase Engagement 189

Chapter 12: You’re Hired! Hiring for Engagement 191

Chapter 13: Why Do You Want to Work Here? Interviewing Job Candidates 217

Chapter 14: All Aboard! Onboarding Techniques to Foster Engagement 235

Part IV: Measuring and Recognizing Engagement 245

Chapter 15: Measure Up: Measuring Performance and Engagement 247

Chapter 16: Goal! Setting Performance Goals and Conducting Performance Appraisals 261

Chapter 17: You Win! Rewards and Recognition 281

Chapter 18: Help Me! Helping Struggling Employees 297

Part IV: The Part of Tens 311

Chapter 19: Ten Ways to Engage New Hires 313

Chapter 20: Ten (Or So) Additional Employee Engagement Resources 319

Chapter 21: Ten Ways Engaged Employees Help Your Bottom Line 325

Index 331