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Employment Law and Occupational Health: A Practical Handbook

Employment Law and Occupational Health: A Practical Handbook

Joan Lewis, Greta Thornbory

ISBN: 978-1-405-17223-3

Apr 2008, Wiley-Blackwell

216 pages

Select type: E-Book



Employment law and occupational health: a practical handbook provides an essential guide to best practice for all occupational health practitioners. This readable guide to the law will help to ensure both business success and respect for individual employment rights. The cost of sickness absence can present major costs and business management problems to employers and safeguarding health is therefore vital to every individual and to all employers.

Employment law and occupational health: a practical handbook explores key issues in occupational health practice from pre-employment, through health surveillance and occupational health services to termination of employment. Topics explored include ethical and confidentiality issues, discrimination, data protection, working abroad, pregnancy and maternity leave, workplace policies, drugs and alcohol testing, stress, counselling, health surveillance and professional conduct rules.

  1. Pre-employment: to cover job advertisements and descriptions; risk assessment; pre employment health assessment; relevant health, safety and employment legislation.
  2. Records and reports: to cover the legal issues of writing reports and keeping records including the Data Protection Act and relevant codes of practice, professional bodies recommendations and other relevant legislation.
  3. Health Surveillance: to include risk assessment and relevant legislation and codes of practice for COSHH; MSDs: travel health; driving; night workers etc.
  4. Occupational health services: to include accident and injury issues; counselling; administration of medicines, stress management planning etc.
  5. In sickness and in health: vital factors and issues covering the role of OH in sickness absence and rehabilitation, including the Disability Discrimination Act
  6. Termination of employment: including following fair procedures, employment tribunals, unfair/constructive dismissal; retirement; ill health retirement; permanent health insurance schemes; redundancy and statutory rights
"Exploring all key issues in occupational health practice from pre-employment to termination of employment, it provides information on topics that include confidentiality, discrimination, drugs and alcohol problems, stress and counselling, maternity leave and working abroad - all very usefully backed up with a range of case studies, procedural checklists and templates for letters and documents."
Templeton Bulletin, Templeton College, University of Oxford, UK, July 2006
* an accessible, practical guide to applying occupational health law in everyday practice
* for occupational health nurses and other occupational health practitioners
* addresses key employment issues from pre-employment to termination of employment
* includes case studies, procedural checklists, and template letters and forms