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Empowering Green Initiatives with IT : A Strategy and Implementation Guide

Empowering Green Initiatives with IT : A Strategy and Implementation Guide

Carl H. Speshock

ISBN: 978-1-119-19997-7

Oct 2015

256 pages


A straightforward guide to the role of IT departments and vendor's in assisting organizations in going green with the aid of IT-related resources and offerings.

This book provides organizations with strategy, planning, implementation, assessment guidance for their Green initiatives. It discusses the many benefits of Green initiatives with the assistance, integration and collaboration of IT department and vendors, i.e. custom and vendor application development and reporting tools, Green IT examples, business intelligence dashboards that can perform analytical and predictive analysis of green related business data.

  • Outlines the major benefits to be gained through Green initiatives with IT
  • Shows you how your business can strategize, plan, implement, assess Green initiatives solutions with IT
  • Explores how to develop Green initiative strategies, plans, projects, and assessments that integrate IT resources and offerings effectively.

Practical and thorough, this book includes helpful checklists, glossary, and resources to get started with your business's Green initiatives.


Chapter 1 Green Initiative Drivers and Benefits with IT.

Drivers for Green Initiatives.

Benefits of Green Initiatives with IT Overview.



Chapter 2 IT Resources and Offerings to Assist Green Initiatives.

IT Resources.

IT Offerings.



Chapter 3 Green Initiative Strategy with IT.

Strategy Mapping.

Strategy Framework Components.



Chapter 4 Green Initiative Planning with IT.

Planning Stage Overview.

Environmental Management System.

Planning Stage Process Flow.

Planning Stage Tips.



Chapter 5 Green Initiative Implementation with IT.

Implementation Stage Overview.

Implementation Stage Process Flow.

Implementation Stage Tips.



Chapter 6 Green Initiative Assessment with IT.

Assessment Stage Overview.

Assessment Stage Process Flow.

Assessment Stage Tips.



Appendix A: Resources and Links.

Appendix B: Planning Green Initiatives with IT Checklist.

Appendix C: Implementing Green Initiatives with IT Checklist.


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