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Encyclopedia of Applied Physics, 12 Volume Set, The Classic Softcover Edition

Encyclopedia of Applied Physics, 12 Volume Set, The Classic Softcover Edition

George L. Trigg (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-40478-0

Jun 2004

14576 pages

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The Encyclopedia of Applied Physics - EAP - is a monumental first in scope, depth, and usability. It demonstrates the synergy between physics and technological applications. On more than 15,000 printed pages this established multi-reference work covers all relevant fields in physics, in particular optics, laser physics, solids, semiconductor, atom and nuclear physics, biophysics as well as all the neighboring fields of physics and engineering.
The reader will benefit from a concise summary of the basics, methods and applications to all key subject areas in modern physics and physical technology.
Each article in the Encyclopedia of Applied Physics contains:
A detailed table of contents for quick access to desired information
A glossary of unfamiliar terms
A detailed list of works cited that provides an introduction to the literature of the field
Suggestions for further reading which indicate more in-depth books and review articels
Numerous cross-references
Uniform terms, abbreviations, symbols and units
There is a large number of positive reviews of the current edition of the EAP, highlighting the unique character of this work (selection):
· ´Superb for browsing, exactly right for a researcher in a field in which he or she is not expert... This encyclopedia should be in the library of any institution where physics is studied.´
(Physics Today)
· ´Exciting... well written and illustrated... modern subject coverage... useful to generalists as well as experts... This physics and engineering encyclopedia is well presented... Recommended for large public and academic libraries, and special libraries emphasizing physics and engineering.´
· ´Important... This encyclopedia should be available at every scientific institute.´
· ´An encyclopedia in an excellent make-up: good layout of the text, graphics, and figures, attractive print and high-quality cover. It is a pleasure to read in these volumes.´
· ´It is really a pleasure to leaf through this book: an excellent layout, all the chapters are well written, and many figures, illustrations and tables help for an easy understanding. In addition each chapter contains a detailed table of contents, a glossary for unfamiliar terms, and a comprehensive reference list.´
· "Die Liste von Sponsoren läßt erkennen, welch hohem Anspruch die Enzyklopädie sich stellt."
(Physikalische Blätter)