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Encyclopedia of Applied Spectroscopy



Encyclopedia of Applied Spectroscopy

David L. Andrews (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-40773-6 October 2009 1224 Pages

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This latest comprehensive reference set on spectroscopy and spectrometers systematically covers the theory, hardware and applications. Edited by an author and scientist of international repute, this ready reference and handbook features color figures as well as abstracts and detailed tables of contents for easy access. A must-have for those applying spectroscopy in all branches of physics, chemistry and biology.

Preface IX

List of Contributors XI

1 Electromagnetic Radiation 1
Wendell T. Hill, III

2 Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy 27
Andrew M. Sandorfi, Christopher J. (Kim) Lister and Craig Woody

3 Mossbauer Spectroscopy 51
De-Ping Yang

4 X-Ray Spectroscopy 87
Thomas H. Markert and Eckhart Forster

5 Positron Spectroscopy 115
Paul G. Coleman

6 Muon Spectroscopy 153
Upali A. Jayasooriya and Roger Grinter

7 Neutron Spectroscopy 183
Anton Heidemann

8 Electron Scattering by Atoms, Ions, and Molecules 209
Klaus Bartschat, Philip G. Burke and Albert Crowe

9 Photoemission and Photoelectron Spectroscopy 283
Franz J. Himpsel and Ingolf Lindau

10 Ultraviolet and Visible Light Spectrometers 319
John L. Hardwick

11 Ultraviolet and Visible Absorption Spectroscopy 353
Robert H. Lipson

12 Colorimetry 381
Robert T. Marcus

13 Atomic Spectrometry and Elemental Analysis 421
Bernhard Welz and Daniel L.G. Borges

14 Molecular Fluorescence 477
Bernard Valeur

15 Resonance Energy Transfer 533
David L. Andrews and David S. Bradshaw

16 Optical Spectroscopy of Biological Materials 555
Valery V. Tuchin

17 Single-Molecule Fluorescence: Biophysics 627
Michael Prummer and Christian Hubner

18 Laser Sources 655
David L. Andrews and Robert H. Lipson

19 Linear Laser Spectroscopies 695
Stephen H. Ashworth

20 Photophysical and Photochemical Dynamics 717
Otto Horvath and Kenneth L. Stevenson

21 Condensed Phase Ultrafast Dynamics 747
Stephen R. Meech and Ismael A. Heisler

22 Ultrafast Spectroscopy 769
Oliver Kuhn and Stefan Lochbrunner

23 Surface Second Harmonic and Sum-Frequency Generation 817
Mitsumasa Iwamoto, Takaaki Manaka and Eunju Lim

24 Raman Scattering for Speciation and Analysis 833
Karen Esmonde-White, Mekhala Raghavan and Michael Morris

25 Spectrometers for Infrared Light 865
Yukihiro Ozaki and Shigeaki Morita

26 Infrared Molecular Vibrational Spectroscopy 887
Andrew B. Horn

27 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometry 933
Vladimir I. Bakhmutov

28 Biomolecular Structures by Solution Nuclear Magnetic Resonance 963
Tharin M. A. Blumenschein

29 Mass Spectrometry 989
Jurgen H. Gross

30 Chromatography 1055
James M. Miller

31 Chemometrics and Multivariate Analysis 1103
Richard G. Brereton

32 Fourier and Other Mathematical Transforms 1149
Ronald N. Bracewell

Glossary 1177

Index 1191

"It contains much useful information for laboratories specialized in one or a few of the spectroscopic techniques that enables them to compare their methodology with the many other spectrometric techniques."  (Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry,  Jan - June 2010)