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Encyclopedia of Candlestick Charts



Encyclopedia of Candlestick Charts

Thomas N. Bulkowski

ISBN: 978-1-118-42869-6 June 2012 960 Pages

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Following in the footsteps of author Thomas Bulkowski’s bestselling Encyclopedia of Chart Patterns—and structured in the same way—this easy-to-read and -use resource takes an in-depth look at 103 candlestick formations, from identification guidelines and statistical analysis of their behavior to detailed trading tactics. Encyclopedia of Candlestick Charts also includes chapters that contain important discoveries and statistical summaries, as well as a glossary of relevant terms and a visual index to make candlestick identification easy.



1. Findings.

2. Statistics Summary.

3. 8 New Price Lines.

4. 10 New Price Lines.

5. 12 New Price Lines.

6. 13 New Price Lines.

7. Abandoned Baby, Bearish.

8. Abandoned Baby, Bullish.

9. Above The Stomach.

10. Advance Block.

11. Below The Stomach.

12. Belt Hold, Bearish.

13. Belt Hold, Bullish.

14. Breakaway, Bearish.

15. Breakaway, Bullish.

16. Candle, Black.

17. Candle, Short Black.

18. Candle, Short White.

19. Candle, White.

20. Concealing Baby Swallow.

21. Dark Cloud Cover.

22. Deliberation.

23. Doji, Dragonfly.

24. Doji, Gapping Down.

25. Doji, Gapping Up.

26. Doji, Gravestone.

27. Doji, Long Legged.

28. Doji, Northern.

29. Doji, Southern.

30. Doji Star, Bearish.

31. Doji Star, Bullish.

32.. Doji Star, Collapsing.

33. Downside Gap Three Methods.

34. Downside Tasuki Gap.

35. Engulfing, Bearish.

36. Engulfing, Bullish.

37. Evening Doji Star.

38 Evening Star.

39 Falling Three Methods.

40. Hammer.

41. Hammer, Inverted.

42. Hanging Man.

43. Harami, Bearish.

44. Harami, Bullish.

45. Harami Cross, Bearish.

46. Harami Cross, Bullish

47. High Wave.

48. Homing Pigeon.

49. Identical Three Crows.

50. In Neck.

51. Kicking, Bearish.

52. Kicking, Bullish.

53. Ladder Bottom.

54. Last Engulfing Bottom.

55. Last Engulfing Top.

56. Long Black Day.

57. Long White Day.

58. Marubozu, Black.

59. Marubozu, Closing Black.

60. Marubozu, Closing White.

61. Marubozu, Opening Black.

62. Marubozu, Opening White.

63. Marubozu, White.

64. Mat Hold.

65. Matching Low.

66. Meeting Lines, Bearish.

67. Meeting Lines, Bullish.

68. Morning Doji Star.

69. Morning Star.

70. On Neck.

71. Piercing Pattern.

72. Rickshaw Man.

73. Rising Three Methods.

74. Separating Lines, Bearish.

75. Separating Lines, Bullish.

76. Shooting Star, One-Candle.

77. Shooting Star, Two Candles.

78. Side-By-Side White Lines, Bearish.

79. Side-By-Side White Lines, Bullish.

80. Spinning Top, Black.

81. Spinning Top, White.

82. Stick Sandwich.

83. Takuri Lines.

84. Three Black Crows.

85. Three Inside Down.

86. Three Inside Up.

87. Three-Line Strike, Bearish.

88. Three-Line Strike, Bullish.

89. Three Outside Down.

90. Three Outside Up.

91. Three Stars In The South.

92. Three White Soldiers.

93. Thrusting.

94. Tri-Star, Bearish.

95. Tri-Star, Bullish.

96. Tweezers, Bottom.

97. Tweezers, Top.

98. Two Black Gapping Candles.

99. Two Crows.

100.Unique Three-River Bottom.

101. Upside Gap Three Methods.

102. Upside Gap Two Crows.

103. Upside Tasuki Gap.

104. Window, Falling.

105. Window, Rising.


Glossary And Methodology.

Visual Index.

Subject Index.

"This book is a handy reference for beginners to advanced Technical Analysts. It contains statistical data for the performance of over 100 Candlestick patterns in both bull and bear markets, offers identification guidelines, and explores the performance of tall versus short candles and shadows. Of particular interest are the chapters which delve into important discoveries and those which explain each Table entry in detail and discuss the methodologies behind them. A useful addition it the visual index. Overall the easy to read makes this book a welcome addition to most Technical Analysis bookcases."
—IFTA Journal