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Encyclopedia of Computational Mechanics, 6 Volume Set, 2nd Edition

Encyclopedia of Computational Mechanics, 6 Volume Set, 2nd Edition

Erwin Stein, René de Borst, Thomas J. R. Hughes

ISBN: 978-1-119-00379-3 March 2018 4024 Pages


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An extensively expanded and revised edition of the leading major reference work in computational engineering 

The completely updated and extended second edition of Encyclopedia of Computational Mechanics, Second Edition has, once again, been prepared under the guidance of three of the world's foremost experts in the field. It follows the same structure as the first edition, yet has been expanded from three to six full volumes to give readers a more in-depth and complete understanding of the topic.

Volumes 1 & 2 (Fundamentals) contain contributions related to mathematics, mechanics, and computer science, and are structured as discretization methods, treating approximations with finite differences, discrete variational forms, boundary integral equations and further problem-oriented techniques, mesh-based and meshfree discretizations and the generation and visualization of geometry; Isogeometric analysis as well as various direct and iterative solvers; time-dependent parabolic problems and FEMs for the Maxwell equation; further, new chapters on uncertainty quantification and related stochastic solution methods are included.

Volumes 3 & 4 (Solids and Structures) are organized into five different parts, namely, structural behavior; constitutive theories and their implementation; materials and processing; interaction problems; and identification, stochastics, and optimization.

Volumes 5 & 6 (Fluids) build on the fundamentals of the first volumes, and offer four main groups that describe additional basic methodologies used in computational fluid dynamics; cover the various aspects of incompressible viscous flows; focus on compressible fluid dynamics; and address problems involving moving domains and free surfaces, and application areas.

  • The single most comprehensive reference on computational mechanics
  • 18 new chapters added representing a more than 20% increase over current edition
  • Extensive revision plan with major updates to the majority of existing articles
  • Covers solid and fluid mechanics, with extensive treatment of FEA and CFD techniques

With contributions from leading experts around the globe, this is an essential and comprehensive reference for any university engineering department or corporation, and contains invaluable, up-to-date content for researchers, students, and practitioners alike.