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Encyclopedia of the Human Genome, 5 Volume Set

Encyclopedia of the Human Genome, 5 Volume Set

David N. Cooper (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-01618-3

Aug 2003

5280 pages

Select type: Hardcover

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Remarkably comprehensive, this set contains articles dealing with both current aspects and historical development of human genomic analysis, interpreted broadly.CHOICE

An excellent addition to library collections supporting genome research; recommended for academic libraries.” LIBRARY JOURNAL

The Encyclopedia of the Human Genome (EHG) is devoted to the scientific basis of human genetics and genomics research and its ethical, philosophical, and commercial ramifications. Presenting a comprehensive and rigorously detailed overview of current research and its groundbreaking applications, this major reference work examines many peripheral topics surrounding the field such as law, ethics, medicine and public health, history, religion and industry.

The Encyclopedia of the Human Genome (EHG) includes:

  • 5 Volumes
  • 5,000 pages – 3 million words
  • 1,047 original, peer-reviewed articles
  • Contributions from 1,400 of the world’s leading experts
  • 1,500 illustrations