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Energy Investing For Dummies

Nick Hodge, Jeff Siegel (With), Christian DeHaemer (With), Keith Kohl (With)

ISBN: 978-1-118-23323-8 August 2013 360 Pages


The fast and easy way to grasp energy sectors and their place in the global economy

With timely, substantial information about energy stocks, Energy Investing For Dummies teaches the ins and outs of energy sectors and how to incorporate them into business and investment plans. As a savvy investor and business manager you will find the important information and advice you need to incorporate these growth areas into your investment portfolio.

In Energy Investing For Dummies, you'll find important information on the big-three markets of electricity, natural gas, and oil; growing markets for liquefied natural gas, emissions, coal, and alternative energy; primers on advanced topics like storage, wheeling, load forecasting, and pipeline transportation; tips on investing in and trading  energy stocks, ETFs, dividends, and derivatives; and much more.

  • Includes examples of ways to invest in wind power, carbon emissions, thermal solar power, and other new markets
  • Packed with the latest information on energy investing
  • Shows you how to incorporate energy investing into your investment plans

Energy Investing For Dummies is your friendly, un-intimidating guide to this hot topic in business and investment trading.

Introduction 1

Part I: Getting Started with Energy Investing 7

Chapter 1: Powering Your Portfolio: Energy in Brief 9

Chapter 2: Making a Connection 15

Chapter 3: A Bright Investment: Running the World Takes a Lot of Energy 33

Chapter 4: Getting Ready: The Nuts and Bolts of Energy Investing 51

Chapter 5: Risks and Rewards of Energy Investing 67

Part II: Oil and Gas Investments: Greasing the Global Economy 79

Chapter 6: The Crude Basics 81

Chapter 7: Grasping Gas 99

Chapter 8: Buying the Barrel, Trading the Therm 117

Chapter 9: Drilling Down, Extracting Profits: Investing in Oil and Gas Companies 131

Chapter 10: Investing in Oil and Gas Indexes and Funds 145

Part III: Investing in Coal 161

Chapter 11: Coal: Still the King 163

Chapter 12: The Future of Coal 175

Chapter 13: Coal: Mining for Profits 185

Part IV: The Nuclear Option 197

Chapter 14: Nuclear Energy Basics 199

Chapter 15: Uranium in Your Cranium 211

Chapter 16: Harnessing Nuclear Power for Profit 223

Part V: Investing in the Future: Modern Energy 235

Chapter 17: Solar Investing: It’s Raining Electrons 237

Chapter 18: When the Winds Change Direction 249

Chapter 19: Geothermal: The Devil’s Hot Tub 259

Chapter 20: Transportation: Plugged-In and Corn-Fed 265

Chapter 21: Effi ciency: Doing More with Less 275

Chapter 22: Investing in Modern Energy 289

Part VI: The Part of Tens 297

Chapter 23: Top Ten Energy Investment Resources 299

Chapter 24: Top Ten Energy Data to Track 303

Chapter 25: Top Ten Energy ETFs 309

Chapter 26: Top Ten Energy Developments on the Horizon 313

Index 321