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Energy Technology 2012: Carbon Dioxide Management and Other Technologies

Energy Technology 2012: Carbon Dioxide Management and Other Technologies

Maria D. Salazar-Villalpando (Editor), Neale R. Neelameggham (Editor), Donna Post Guillen (Editor), Soobhankar Pati (Editor), Gregory K. Krumdick (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-36506-9

May 2012

540 pages



Proceedings of symposia sponsored by the Energy Committee of the Extraction and Processing Division and the Light Metals Division of TMS (The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society)
Held during the TMS 2012 Annual Meeting & Exhibition Orlando, Florida, USA, March 11-15,2012

Preface xiii

Editors xvii

Energy Technologies and Carbon Dioxide Management

CO2 Management and Utilization

Solar Activated Photocatalytic Conversion of CO2 and Water to Fuels by TiO2- Based Nanocomposites 5
Q. Zhang, L. Liu, and Y. Li

Photocatalytic Efficacy of 1-Dimensional Nanocomposite Electrode 9
J. Lee, B. Ding, J. Noh, and K. Hong

Reduction of Energy Consumption and GHGs Emission in Investment Casting Process by Application of a New Casting Method 15
X. Dai, M. Jolly, and B. Zeng

Bauxite Residue Neutralization and Carbon Sequestration from Flue Gas 23
L. Alves Venancio, E. Negräo Macedo, J. Antonio Silva Souza, and F. Aracati Botelho

50% Reduction of Energy and C02 Emission in Metallurgical Furnaces by Burners 31
M. Potesser, D. Spoljaric, B. Holleis, and M. Demuth

C02 Removal from Industrial Off-Gas Streams by Fluidized Bed Carbonation 39
K. Pericleous, M. Molaei, and M. Patel

A Hydro-Mechanical Model and Analytical Solutions for Geomechanical Modeling of Carbon Dioxide Geological Sequestration 47
Z. Xu, Y. Fang, T. Scheibe, and A. Bonneville

Energy Technologies

Energy Opportunities in the Aluminum Processing Industry 57
C. Belt

An Alternative Lower Temperature Route For The Recovery of Cobalt From Slag 65
A. Jha, and Y. Hara

High Thermal Energy Storage Density LiNO3-NaNO3-KNO3-KNO2 Quaternary Molten Salts for Parabolic Trough Solar Power Generation 73
T. Wang, D. Mantha, and R. Reddy

Global Primary Aluminium Industry 2010 Life Cycle Inventory 85
C. Bayliss, M. Bertram, K. Buxmann, B. de Gelas, S. Jones, and L. Wu

Analysis of Combustion Efficiency Using Laser-Induced Fluorescence Measurements of OH-Radicals 93
M. Schnitzler, R. Boiling, and H. Pfeifer

A Solid State Thermoelectric Power Generator Prototype Designed to Recover Radiant Waste Heat 101
M. Takla, O. Burheim, L. Kolbeinsen, and S. Kjelstrup

Study on Smelting Reduction of Coal-Containing Pellets of V-Ti Bearing Beach Placers by Combined Rotary Hearth Furnace and Direct Current Arc Furnace 109
H. Lu, J. Xu, and Q. Li

A Novel Method Combined lonothermal Synthesis and Microwave Energies for Rapid Production of ZIFS 117
L. Yang, H. Lu, and S. Zhou

The Relationship between Energy Consumption and CO2 Emissions in Iron and Steel Making 125
H. Bai, X. Lu, H. Li, L. Zhao, X. Liu, N. Li, W. Wei, and D. Cang

Development and Application of Shaft Kiln in China 133
L. Guo, M. Xian, and L. Dong

Preparation of Biodiesel by Transesterification of Canola Oil Using Solid Base Catalyst KOH/?-Al2O3 141
S. Sadrameli, and M. Omraei

Waste Heat Recovery

Effect of Materials on the Autoignition of Cyclopentane 151
D. Guillen

Low Grade Waste Heat Driven Desalination and SO2 Scrubbing 159
S. Garimella, D. Ziegler, and J. Klausner

Waste Heat Integration Potential Assessment through Exergy Analysis in an Aluminum Production Facility 165
C. Nowicki, L. Gosselin, and C. Duchesne

Sustainability, Energy Efficiency and CO2 Elimination in Concentrate Drying 173
J. Talja, S. Chen, and H. Mansikkaviita

Development of Heat Recovery System from Steelmaking Slag 181
Y. Ta, H. Tobo, Y. Hagio, and M. Kuwayama

Dry Granulation of Molten Blast Furnace Slag and Heat Recovery from Obtained Particles 187
Y. Qin, X. Lv, C. Bai, and G. Qiu

The Environment Load Assessment of Iron and Steel Producing BF-BOF and EAF Route Process 195
H. Li, S. Tao, H. Bai, and D. Cang

Aluminum Smelter Waste Heat Recovery Plant (Heat Exchangers Fouling and Corrosion-A Detailed Investigation) 203
H. Fanisalek, M. Bashiri, and R. Kamali

Battery Recycling

Session I

Economic and Environmental Trade-Offs for Li-Based Battery Recycling 219
G. Gaustad, M. Ganter, X. Wang, C. Bailey, C. Babbitt, and B. Landi

Battery Recycling by Hydrometallurgy: Evaluation of Simultaneous Treatment of Several Cell Systems 227
C. Nogueira, and F. Margarido

The Use of Liquid-Liquid Extraction and Electroplating to Metals Recovery from Spent Batteries 235
K. Provazi, D. Espinosa, andJ. Tenorio

Magnetic Materials for Energy Applications II

Permanent Magnets for Energy Applications

Search for New Rare Earth Based Permanent Magnetic Materials 247
B. Jensen, K. Dennis, and R. McCallum

Magnetocaloric and Magnetostrictive Materials

Effect of W Substitution on the Magnetostrictive Behavior of [001] Fe-Ga Alloy Single Crystal 257
C. Ren, B. Saha, M. Ramanathan, and S. Guruswamy

Power Conversion and Microstructural Effects

Nanocomposite Alloy Design for High Frequency Power Conversion Applications 267
S. Shen, P. Ohodnicki, S. Kernion, A. Leary, V. Keylin, J. Huth, and M. McHenry

Magnetic Properties of Strontium Ferrite Prepared Using Submicron-Sized SrFe12-xAlxO19 Powders 275
V. Menushenkov, V. Shubakov, and S, Ketov

Influence of Magnetization on the Hydrogen Embrittlement Behavior in AISI 4340 Steel 281
M. Ramanathan, B. Saha, C. Ren, S. Guruswamy, and M. McCarter

The Effect of Dynamic Electropulsing on Mechanical and Microstructural Properties of Cold Rolled Fe-6.5%Si Alloy Sheet 289
Y. Liang, F. Ye, H. Zhou, F. Wang, G. Tang, and J. Lin

Materials in Clean Power Systems VII: Clean Coal-, Hydrogen Based-Technologies, and Fuel Cells

Fuel Cells

Study of Microstructure and Electrical Conductivity on (Ce0.9Nd0.1)1-xMxO2-delta Electrolytes for Intermediate-Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cells 301
F. Menga, Y. Xiab, D. Zhouc, N. Trubakia, X. Liub, and J. Mengb

Transition Metal Doping of Manganese Cobalt Spinel Oxides for Coating SOFC Interconnects 305
J. Fergus, Y. Liu, J. Gcmley, D. Nair, W. Tilson, A. Dekich, D. Kumar, Y. Liu, J. Ganley, W. Tilson, A. Dekich, and J. Fergus

Materials for Hydrogen Production, Separation, and Storage

Free Form Fabrication of Catalytic Substrates 315
T. Salisbury, J. Downey, W. Gleason, S. Davis, G. Pinson, R. Christianson, M. Berlin, R. James, E. Rosenberg, K. Gleason, R. Hiebert, andJ. McCloskey

Improved Palladium Coatings for Hydrogen Purification Membranes 323
S. Davis, J. Downey, W. Gleason, T. Salisbury, G. Pinson, R. Christianson, M. Berlin, R. James, E. Rosenberg, K. Gleason, R. Hiebert, and J. McCloskey

Raman Spectroscopy of Ammonia Borane at Low Temperature and High Pressure 331
S. Najiba, J. Chen, V. Drozd, A. Durygin, and Y. Sun

Mechanical Performance of Materials for Current and Advanced Nuclear Reactors

Mechanical Behavior of Reactor Materials

Fracture Toughness of 9Cr-l MoV and Thermally Aged Alloy 617 for Advanced Reactor Applications 343
R. Nanstad, M. Sokolov, and X. Chen

Characterization and Modeling of Microstructural Evolution in Nuclear Materials

Elemental Solubility Tendency for the Phases of Uranium by Classical Models Used to Predict Alloy Behavior 359
V. Blackwood, T. Koenig, J. Porter, D. Olson, B. Mishra, R. Mariani, and D. Porter

Irradiation and Testing of Fuels and Cladding Materials

Nanoindentation and TEM Characterization of Ion Irridiated 316L Stainless Steels 373
K. Hattar, T. Buchheit, P. Kotula, A. McGinnis, and L. Brewer

Processing to Control Morphology and Texture in Magnetic Materials

Processing to Enhance Performance in Rare Earth Permanent Magnets

Cluster Synthesis, Direct Ordering and Alignment of Rare-Earth Transition-Metal Nanomagnets 385
B. Balamurugan, R. Skomski, and D. Le Roy

Role of Magnetic Fields and Texturing to Improved Magnetic Materials

Nanostructuring and Texturing for Improved Magnetic Materials 393
D. Sellmyer, Y. Liu, and T. George

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