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Energy Technology 2013: Carbon Dioxide Management and Other Technologies

Energy Technology 2013: Carbon Dioxide Management and Other Technologies

Soobhankar Pati , Jaroslaw Drelich , Animesh Jha , Neale R. Neelameggham , Leon H. Prentice , Cong Wang

ISBN: 978-1-118-60571-4

Mar 2013

236 pages

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This book features a collection of papers on the issues, intricacies, and challenges relating to energy and environmental science. It offers expert coverage of the various technological aspects of sustainable energy ecosystems, including processes that improve energy efficiency and reduce CO2 and other greenhouse emissions. It also addresses the need for sustainable technologies in extractive metallurgy, materials processing, and manufacturing industries with energy efficient technologies. Some additional contributions examine renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, and biomass.

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Energy Technologies and Carbon Dioxide Management

Alternative Green Processes

Thermodynamic Properties of Novel Low Melting Point LiNO3- NaNO3-KNO3 Ternary Molten Salt for Parabolic Trough Solar Power Generation 5
T. Wang, and R. Reddy

A Thermochemical Study of the W/WO3 System: A Solar to Fuel Converter for Syngas Production 17
J. Milshtein, S. Basu, S. Gopalan, and U. Pal

Technical Viability of Biocoke from Mixtures Coal-Wood Charcoal for Use in Ironmaking 25
M. Mourao, C. Narita, M. Tanaka, and C. Takano

Supercritical CO2-Corrosion of Steels in CCS Environment  31
A. Pfennig, S. Schulze, and A. Kranzmann

Designing Novel CRIMSON Running System Through Numerical Simulation Method for the Purpose of Reducing the Energy Content of Aluminium Investment Casting 39
B. Zeng, M. Jolly, and X. Dai

Infrared Radiation Properties of CuO-ZnO-Based Sintered Material Prepared for Energy-Saving Coating 47
C. Lian, W. Wei, H. Bai, and H. Li

Preparation of Modified Semi-Coke from Semi-Coke: Process Optimization 55
W. Xin, C. Srinivasakannan, P. Jin-hui, D. Xin-hui, and Z. Li-Bo

Waste Heat Recovery and Furnace Technology

Waste Heat Recovery Opportunities in a Magnesium Silicothermic Reduction Plant 69
J. Sever, and P. Eng

Effect of Batch Charging Equipment on Glass Furnace Efficiency 77
N. Soleimanian, and M. Jolly

Thermodynamic Properties of ORC System with Zeotropic Mixed Working Fluids for Low Temperature Waste Heat Recovery  85
X. Zhang, H. Bai, N. Li, M. Li, X. Zhang, and H. Li

The Optimization of Gases and Thermal Energy in the Upper Zone of Electric Furnaces in Drenas 93
A. Haxhiaj, and E. Haxhiaj

Energy Education

Software for Energy Education 105
A. Morris, and S. Perdahcioglu

Overview of Industrial Energy Training and Software 115
C. Belt

A Suggestion for Establishing Energy Management Policy in Primary Aluminum Industry by Applying Strategic Management Tools 123
H. Fanisalek

Carbon Footprint Analysis

Measuring the CO2 Captured on Bauxite Residue Carbonation 131
L. Venancio, J. Souza, E. Macedo, O. Dias, and I. Santos

Study on Capture, Recovery and Utilization of Carbon Dioxide 139
L. Zhou, H. Lu, and P. Wang

Carbon Footprint and Carbon Deficit Analysis of Iron and Steel Industry from 1991 to 2010 in China 147
X. Lu, H. Bai, H. Zhu, and F. Wang

The Life Cycle Assessment of Metal Materials Used for Automobile Body Materials and Castings 157
Z. Zhang, H. Li, X. Hao, Y. Chen, C. Li, and C. Wu

Magnetic Materials for Energy Applications - III

Status and Challenges

Bonded Permanent Magnets - An Overview 169
V. Panchanathan, and M. Spencer

Anisotropic Curie Temperature Materials 177
H. Chopra, J. Armstrong, and S. Hua

Novel Materials and Phenomenon

Designing Permanent Magnet Machines for Ferrofluid Immersion 191
A. Judge

Constant Permeability of Fe-B-Si-Nb Crystal-Glassy Composite Bulk Alloy by B2O3 Flux Melting and Casting 199
T. Bitoh, and S. Izumi

Materials in Clean Power Systems VIII: Durability of Materials

Materials for Fuel Cells and CSP Applications

The Effect of Constituent, Interfacial Properties and Morphology on the Dielectric Response of MIEC Membranes 211
K. Brinkman, F. Rabbi, and K. Reifsnider

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