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Energy and Emissions Markets: Collision or Convergence?



Energy and Emissions Markets: Collision or Convergence?

Tom James, Peter C. Fusaro

ISBN: 978-1-118-17006-9 August 2011 250 Pages


Written by best selling author Peter C. Fusaro and renowned energy market expert and commentator Tom James, this book demonstrates that the forces of energy and environmental issues and linked more than ever before.  The beginning of European emissions and trading in 2005 and the implementation of the Kyoto protocol have accelerated efforts already underway in the US to use market forces to remediate environmental issues.  Topics such as emissions trading, renewable energy trading, the fourth dimension in energy trading, and new outcomes on green project finance will be analyzed in this book.


1. Setting the Stage for Collision or Convergence.

2. The Birth of the Global Emissions Markets.

3. Green Trading Schemes.

4. Global Trading Schemes.

5. Market Mechanisms for Reducing Emissions

6. Overview of the Carbon Exchanges.

7. Carbon Collides with Power—The European Experience.

8. Legal Agreetments for Emmissions Trading.

9. Green Power Trading: Developments and Opportunities.

10. What Risk? An Introduction to Managing Risk.

11. Risk-Policy Guidelines.

12. Managing Financial Risk for the Environment.

13. Investment Opportunities in Emissions.

14. Broader Issues for Business—Global Emissions Markets.

15. What the Future Holds: Opportunities for Global Market Convergence.



“…a handy primer for assessing the evolution of market-based solutions for environmental financial liabilities.” (Financial Analysts Journal, (63(4):79)