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Energy and the Environment, 2nd Edition

Energy and the Environment, 2nd Edition

Robert A. Ristinen, Jack P. Kraushaar

ISBN: 978-0-471-73989-0

Dec 2005

384 pages

Select type: Paperback


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Ristinen and Kraushaar's Energy and the Environment 2e is suitable for a one-semester, introductory course dealing with the societal challenges of the availability and cost of energy and the effects of energy use on our environment. It contains up-to-date information on the essential subjects in this field as well as current applications and problems. It is intended for students with little or no background in science or mathematics.

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Chapter 1. Energy Fundamentals, Energy Use in an Industrial Society.

Chapter 2. The Fossil Fuels.

Chapter 3. Heat Engines.

Chapter 4. Renewable Energy Sources I: Solar Energy.

Chapter 5. Renewable Energy Sources II: Alternatives.

Chapter 6. The Promise and Problems of Nuclear Energy.

Chapter 7. Energy Conservation.

Chapter 8. Transportation.

Chapter 9. Air Pollution.

Chapter 10. Global Effects.

Epilogue: Looking Ahead.

Appendix A: Linear Plots, Semilogarithmic Plots, and Exponential Growth.

Appendix B: Fahrenheit, Celsius, and Kelvin Temperature Scales.

Answers to Selected End-of-Chapter Problems.


  • Updated energy use and statistics
  • On-line Instructor’s Manual with resources to help instructors with lectures and assignments
  • Most current book on the market
  • Written for liberal arts and general interest students
  • Good balance of basic science and current topics