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Engineering Electromagnetic Fields and Waves, 2nd Edition



Engineering Electromagnetic Fields and Waves, 2nd Edition

Carl T. A. Johnk

ISBN: 978-0-471-09879-9 January 1988 656 Pages


Presents the introductory theory and applications of Maxwell's equations to electromagnetic field problems. Unlike other texts, Maxwell's equations and the associated vector mathematics are developed early in the work, allowing readers to apply them at the outset. Its unified treatment of coordinate systems saves time in developing the rules for vector manipulations in ways other than the rectangular coordinate system. The following chapters cover static and quasi-static electric and magnetic fields, wave reflection and transmission at plane boundaries, the Poynting power theorem, rectangular waveguide mode theory, transmission lines, and an introduction to the properties of linear antennas and aperture antennas. Includes an expanded set of problems, many of which extend the material developed in the chapters.
Vector Analysis and Electromagnetic Fields in Free Space.

Vector Differential Relations and Maxwell's Differential Relationsin Free Space.

Maxwell's Equations and Boundary Conditions for Material Regions atRest.

Static and Quasistatic Electric Fields.

Static and Quasistatic Magnetic Fields.

Wave Reflection and Transmission at Plane Boundaries.

The Poynting Theorem and Electromagnetic Power.

Mode Theory of Waveguides.

TEM Waves on Two-Conductor Transmission Lines.

Phasor Analysis of Reflective Transmission Lines.

Radiation from Antennas in Free Space.