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Engineering Mechanics, 2 Volume Set, 2nd Edition

Engineering Mechanics, 2 Volume Set, 2nd Edition

William F. Riley, Don H. Morris, Leroy D. Sturges

ISBN: 978-0-471-13811-2

Jan 1996

1340 pages

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A complete introduction to the physics of movement

Engineering Mechanics: Dynamics presents the fundamentals of kinematics in a practical way with immediate real-world relevancy. Covering the physics of movement as it relates to particles and rigid bodies, this book explores the applications of Newton's laws, impulse, momentum, work and energy, vibrations, and much more. In-text conceptual examples illustrate difficult concepts, and end-of-chapter problems help students test both their theoretical and practical understanding. Call-out boxes highlight critical laws and theorems, while color diagrams and charts clarify complex concepts.