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Engineering Solutions for Sustainability: Materials and Resources II

Engineering Solutions for Sustainability: Materials and Resources II

Jeffrey W. Fergus (Editor), Brajendra Mishra (Editor), Dayan Anderson (Editor), Emily Allyn Sarver (Editor), Neale R. Neelameggham (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-119-17986-3

Aug 2015

288 pages



This book contains a collection of papers presented at Engineering Solutions for Sustainability: Materials and Resources II, a special symposium organized as part of the TMS 2015 Annual Meeting & Exhibition and held in Orlando, Florida, March 15-19, 2015. With impending and burgeoning societal issues affecting both developed and emerging nations, the global engineering community has a responsibility and an opportunity to truly make a difference and contribute. The papers in this collection address what materials and resources are integral to meeting basic societal sustainability needs in critical areas of energy, transportation, housing, and recycling.

Contributions focus on the engineering answers for cost-effective, sustainable pathways; the strategies for effective use of engineering solutions; and the role of the global engineering community.
Authors share perspectives on the major engineering challenges that face our world today; identify, discuss, and prioritize engineering solution needs; and establish how these fit into developing global-demand pressures for materials and human resources. 

Preface ix

I Plenary Synthesis 1

Engineering and Producing a Sustainable Material Supply: Challenges and Opportunities 3
D. Anderson, B. Mishra, and J. Fergus

II Materials Resources 23

Sustainable Development and the Minerals Industry 25
J.E. Kogel

Global Sustainability of Rare Earth Metals and Compounds 35
B. Mishra

Development on Copper Smelters in China Today 43
Y. Jie

Energy-Efficient Sustainable Processes by ‘‘Thiometallurgy’’ 55
N. Neelameggham, R. Brown, and B. Davis

Production of (Mn,Fe)-Carbide Containing Low Phosphorus by Carbothermic Reduction of Mn Oxide and Fe Oxide 73
D.-Y. Kim, H.-S. Kim, and S.-M. Jung

Pilot-Scale Dechlorination of CuCl Residue from Zinc Hydrometallurgy by Microwave Roasting 85
G. Zhanyong, J. Shaohua, L. Ting, P. Jinhui, Z. Libo, and J. Feng

Optimization of Processing Conditions Leading to Dangerous Emissions in Steelmaking Plants 93
P. Cavaliere and A. Perrone

Twins Evolution during the Recrystallization Induced by Electric Current Pulses in a Cu-Zn Alloy 103
X. Zhao, X.L. Wang, W.B. Dai, M.S. Liu, and N. Wu

Reaction between Carbonaceous Materials Containing HDPE and Steel-Making Slag 113
L. Hong, H. Wang, B. Song, and D. Chen

Developing Alternative Industrial Materials from Mining Waste 119
F.B. Javier, H.A. Juan, P.L. Miguel, P.C. Francisco, A.O.S. José, and Y.T.P. Norma

Preparation of Blocks from Tailings 127
J.F. Badillo, J.H. Ávila, E.S. Rodríguez, M.P. Labra, I.R. Landero, I.M. García, and E.C. Sáenz

Influence of the Content of Dimension Stones Solid Waste in the Physical and Mechanical Behavior of Structural Ceramic 135
A.S.D. Reis, D.M. Fermino, V.P. Della-Sagrillo, and F.R. Valenzuela-Diaz

III Materials Selection 145

An Interactive and Visual Tool for Sustainable Use of Materials in Engineering Design 147
C. Fredriksson

Melt Characteristics of Poly-Lactide (PLA) Natural Fibre–Composites 157
E.I. Akpan, S.O. Adeosun, G.I. Lawal, and S.A. Balogun

Investigating Solanum aethiopicum Leaf-Extract and Sodium-Dichromate Effects on Steel-Rebar Corrosion in Saline/Marine Simulating-Environment: Implications on Sustainable Alternative for Environmentally-Hazardous Inhibitor 167
J.O. Okeniyi, A.S. Ogbiye, O.O. Ogunlana, E.T. Okeniyi, and O.E. Ogunlana

Sustainability Metrics for Efficient and Innovative Residential Building Wall Systems 177
R.L. Solnosky and A.M. Memari

Wet Chemical Metallization of Aerospace Composites as a Lightning Protection Strategy 187
P.S.M. Rajesh, C. Xavier, G. Martin, E.K.-S. Jolanta, S. Frederic, and T. Daniel

Comparative LCA Study of Lightweight Auto Parts of MMLV Mach-I Vehicle as per ISO 14040/44 LCA Standards and CSA Group 2014 LCA Guidance Document for Auto Parts 193
L. Bushi, T. Skszek, and D. Wagner

Improvement of Low Temperature Formability of AZ31 Magnesium Alloy by High Speed Rolling 209
J. Su, A.S.H. Kabir, M. Sanjari, I.-H. Jung, and S. Yue

Preparation of Nano Crystalline Forsterite Synthesized by Mechanical Activation to Use Orthopedic and Dental Applications 219
H. Gheisari and E. Karamian

IV Power Production 225

Determining the Energy Value on Different Compressions of Sawdust Briquettes 227
I.U. Onyenanu, C.E. Ilochonwu, and P.N. Atanmo

High Temperature Fuel Cells for Efficient Conversion of Fossil Fuel Energy 235
J.W. Fergus

A Pathway to Near Zero Emission Electric Energy Through Additive Manufacture of Superconducting Electric Transmission Conduits 241
I. Sheehy

The INGRID Project: Development of Solutions for Sustainable and Highly Interconnected Grids 251
F. D’Errico, A. Screnci, and M. Bertoncini

Rechargeable Magnesium Batteries with Novel PVdF–PAN Graft Copolymer Electrolyte Membranes 261
M. Latha, C.S. Reddy, V. Kanakaiah, G. Venkateshwarlu, K. Srinivasulu, C.K. Reddy, D. Shailaja, and J.V. Rani

Author Index 275

Subject Index 277