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English Grammar Essentials For Dummies - Australia, Australian Edition

English Grammar Essentials For Dummies - Australia, Australian Edition

Wendy M. Anderson, Geraldine Woods, Lesley J. Ward

ISBN: 978-1-118-49328-1

Mar 2013

192 pages



The fun and easy way to learn essential grammar rules, common usage errors, and other key concepts in the English language

Understanding the rules of English is key to being an effective communicator—at work, at school, or anywhere else. If you struggle with the rules—and who hasn't?—English Grammar Essentials For Dummies, Australian Edition is the book for you. Covering just the basics you need, the book boils the rules of grammar down to the core concepts that will make you a better communicator in any and every aspect of your life.

  • Ideal for students, job hunters, adult learners, those who speak English as a second language, and anyone who wants to make a good impression
  • Covers the vital essentials needed for better written communication
  • Serves as an excellent refresher course for professionals whose primary mode of communication is increasingly electronic and written

Clear and understandable writing can be the key to success in almost any professional field. With English Grammar Essentials For Dummies, Australian Edition, you'll master the basics with ease!

Introduction 1

Chapter 1: Grappling with Grammar 5

Chapter 2: Controlling Verbs 17

Chapter 3: Completing Sentences 31

Chapter 4: Peaking with Pronouns 45

Chapter 5: Modifying with Descriptions 55

Chapter 6: Punctuating for Meaning 67

Chapter 7: Choosing Capital Letters and Numerals 87

Chapter 8: Avoiding Tricky Situations 95

Chapter 9: Reporting Speech and Quoting Others 115

Chapter 10: Writing with Style 133

Chapter 11: Creating More Accurate Documents 151

Chapter 12: Ten Solutions to the Most Common Grammar Errors 167

Index 173