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Ensemble: Grammaire en action, Video DVD , 7th Edition

Ensemble: Grammaire en action, Video DVD , 7th Edition

Raymond F. Comeau, Normand J. Lamoureux

ISBN: 978-0-471-77212-5 December 2005


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Learning how to write and speak a second language can be difficult, but this book helps make French easy. Comeau first provides a brief review of basic grammatical structures in a clear and concise format. He then tackles intermediate grammatical topics that will help readers develop their knowledge of the French language as well as gain the ability to use it orally and in writing. All of the grammar explanations are in a format that is very easy to understand and easy to apply.
  • The majority of the grammar activities have been revised so they can be done in pairs and groups in order to encourage more student interaction. 
  • There is a new two-part essay-writing activity.
  • Current cultural topics have been added in introductory activites and in culture capsules sprinkled throughout the chapters.  There is also a cultural index that includes French and Francophone names and places used in the activities.
  • The themes in some of the chapters have been reshaped to bring them in line with current cultural trends, and two new themes have been added, one on art, the other on sports. 
  • Introductory chapter offers a brief review of basic grammatical structures in a clear and concise format that prepares students for the introduction of intermediate grammatical topics.
  • Chapter at a Glance is a capsule preview composed of model activities treating all the grammar points in the chapter.
  • The Vocabulaire du thème lists the thematic vocabulary of the chapter. Following each vocabulary list are four activities that allow students to use and expand the vocabulary, and also test their knowledge of current cultural issues.
  • Activities d' ensemble help students to synthesize grammar points and provide excellent recycling of previously-learned material.
  • Sujets de discussion sections relate to the chapter theme and suggest topics for oral and written presentations.