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Entangled Systems: New Directions in Quantum Physics

Entangled Systems: New Directions in Quantum Physics

Jürgen Audretsch

ISBN: 978-3-527-61916-0

Sep 2008

357 pages



An introductory textbook for advanced students of physics, chemistry and computer science, covering an area of physics that has lately witnessed rapid expansion. The topics treated here include quantum information, quantum communication, quantum computing, teleportation and hidden parameters, thus imparting not only a well-founded understanding of quantum theory as such, but also a solid basis of knowledge from which readers can follow the rapid development of the topic or delve deeper into a more specialized branch of research. Commented recommendations for further reading as well as end-of-chapter problems help the reader to quickly access the theoretical basics of future key technologies.
1. The Mathematical Framework
2. Basic Concepts of Quantum Theory
3. The Simplest Quantum Systems: Qubits
4. Mixed State and Density Operator
5. Shannon's Entropy and Classical Information
6. The von Neumann Entropy and Quantum Information
7. Composite Systems
8. Entanglement
9. Correlations and Non-Local Measurements
10. There is no (Local-Realistic) Alternative to the Quantum Theory
11. Working with Entanglement
12. The Quantum Computer
13. General Measurements, POVM
14. The General Evolution of an Open Qauntum System and Special Quantum Channels
15. Decoherence and Approaches to the Description of the Quantum Measurement Process
16. Two Implementations of Quantum Operations
"This book can be well recommended to students or other people who want to get acquainted with quantum information theory … .Well organized, highly instructive and readable." (Zentralblatt Math, 2008/14)