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Environmental Applications of Ionizing Radiation

Environmental Applications of Ionizing Radiation

William J. Cooper (Editor), Randy D. Curry (Editor), Kevin E. O'Shea (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-17086-0 October 1998 752 Pages


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A unique opportunity to learn about the most important developments in environmental applications of ionizing radiation

This book makes it easy for scientists and engineers to acquaint themselves with the state of the art in ionizing radiation techniques for pollution control, environmental cleanup, and waste processing. With contributions by more than 100 researchers working in industry, academia, and government, it reports from around the world on the most important recent advances in the field. From the latest refinements in electron beam technology to new techniques for the purification of flue gases, and from radiation recycling of rubber wastes to radiation-induced cleanup of water and wastewater, this valuable resource covers all established and emerging environmental applications of ionizing radiation.

The only book available in English to focus exclusively on the subject, Environmental Applications of Ionizing Radiation belongs in the working library of every aspiring or practicing scientist or engineer concerned with environmental pollution.

Radiation has long been used in food processing, medical device sterilization, and polymer production, but only recently has it begun to be widely accepted as a valued component in environmental cleanup initiatives. The growing popularity of radiation as a means of neutralizing both natural and synthetic contaminants is due, in great part, to impressive results recently achieved by researchers worldwide using ionizing radiation methods, especially those involving electron beam techniques. Despite these many successes, there continues to be a conspicuous poverty of professional references on the subject. Environmental Applications of Ionizing Radiation fills that gap.

Environmental Applications of Ionizing Radiation brings together contributions by more than 100 leading scientists from the Americas, Europe, and Asia. The first English-language text devoted exclusively to this exciting growth area, it affords readers a unique opportunity to acquaint themselves with state-of-the-art applications of ionizing radiation for solving environmental remediation problems. Featuring many fascinating and informative case studies from around the world, it brings scientists and engineers quickly in line with the latest advances in:
* Electron beam design
* Flue gas treatment using electron beams
* Ionizing radiation in pollution control
* Irradiation treatment of industrial wastes
* Irradiation treatment of soil and biosolids
* Irradiation and photocatalytic processes
* New and emerging applications of ionizing radiation.

Environmental Applications of Ionizing Radiation is a valuable working resource for civil, chemical, and environmental engineers and scientists involved with pollution control, water treatment, and natural and industrial waste treatment. It also belongs on the syllabuses of all graduate-level engineering courses in air and water management.
Partial table of contents:

Radiation Chemistry and Its Application to Environmental Pollution (R. Woods).

Advanced Accelerator Technology for Environmental Protection (Z. Zimek & A. Chmielewski).

Electron-Beam Technology for Purification of Flue Gas (I. Tokunaga).

Electron-Beam Flue-Gas Treatment Process Upscaling (A. Chmielewski, et al.).

Spin Trapping Study for the PCB Waste Under Radiation (J.-Y. Wu, et al.).

Radiation-Induced Cleanup of Water and Wastewater (P. Gehringer & H. Eschweiler).

Electron-Beam Purification of Water and Wastewater (A. Pikaev).

Sewage Sludge Irradiation Plant in Argentina (J. Graiño & C. Magnavacca).

Hydroxyl-Radical-Mediated Oxidation: A Common Pathway in the Photocatalytic, Radiolytic, and Sonolytic Degradation of Textile Dyes (K. Vinodgopal & P. Kamat).

Radiation Recycling of Butyl Rubber Wastes (J. Yang).