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Environmental Change and Human Health



Environmental Change and Human Health

John V. Lake (Editor), Gregory R. Bock (Editor), Kate Ackrill (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-51444-3 April 2008 282 Pages


Discusses those aspects of environmental change which might have direct or indirect effects on human health. Includes discussions on water pollution, agricultural pollution, genetic disease and exotic tropical diseases as well as human nutrition and population growth.
Partial table of contents:

CO2 and the Greenhouse Effect: Present Assessment and Perspectives (H. Oeschger).

Chemical Pollution of the Environment: Past, Present and Future (M. Hoffmann).

River Rhine: From Sewer to the Spring of Life (A. Zehnder).

Assessing the Greenhouse Effect in Agriculture (R. Rabbinge, et al.).

Food Quality and Human Nutrition (W. James).

Human Tropical Diseases in a Changing Environment (D. Bradley).

Human Respiratory Disease: Environmental Carcinogens and Lung Cancer Risk (J. Kleinjans, et al.).

Radiation-Induced Disease (M. Bobrow).

Global Epidemiology (P. Elliott).

Environmental and Health Problems of Developing Countries (D. Bradley).

Evolution and Environmental Change (J. Edwards).