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Environmental Economics: A Critical Overview

Environmental Economics: A Critical Overview

Alan Gilpin

ISBN: 978-0-471-98559-4 April 2000 352 Pages


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A comprehensive, jargon-free introductory text on the issues, ideas, theories and problems of environmental economics, ideal for both students of economics and those without economic training.
Environmental Eeconomics is a fundamental area of environmental studies covering the exploitation, evaluation and conservation of natural resources, and the impact of this on local, regional, national and international economics. This book stresses the links between economic concepts and real world issues and deals with population, natural resources, valuation, environmental regulation, economic instruments, cost-benefit analysis, waste, water resources, air pollution, global warming, biodiversity and world trade.
It covers a range of controversial issues and developments and yet is a straight forward introduction to the field,
Economics and the Environment.



Sustainable Development.

Direct Regulation.

Economic Instruments.

Cost-Benefit Analysis and Valuation.

Air, Land and Water Issues.

Global Warming.

Population and the Quality of Life.


"...The book is both literate and easy to read..." (Ecological Economics, Vol.40, 2002)

"...highly informed and informative..." (Eastern Economic Journal) 

"...a well written introductory text..." (The Environmentalist, Vol.22, 2002)