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Environmental Effects on Spacecraft Positioning and Trajectories

Environmental Effects on Spacecraft Positioning and Trajectories

A. Vallance Jones (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-66654-8

Mar 2013, American Geophysical Union

173 pages

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Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Geophysical Monograph Series, Volume 73.

This book combines a presentation of the remarkable progress that has been made in techniques for determining the exact positions of satellites, with an account of the basic science of the atmospheric environment affecting both satellite trajectories and position measurements. Recent outstanding advances make it possible to measure spacecraft and ground point positions with accuracies of the order of a few centimeters or better. Such measurements are of growing importance in navigational applications as well as in many related problems such as gravitational field determinations, sea surface topography, earth crustal movements and studies of earth rotation.

A. Vallance Jones ix

Helmut Moritz xi

1 Coping with the Atmosphere and Ionosphere in Precise Satellite and Ground Positioning
Thomas P. Yunck 1

2 Modelling and Prediction of Ionospheric Disturbances Affecting the Accuracy of Position
Measurements (Including Scintillations)
Shaun Quegan 17

3 The Effect of Horizontal Gradients of Ionization on Position Determination and the
Availability of Relevant Data
R. Leitinger 39

4 Prediction of Average Transionospheric Radio Propagation Delay for the Latitudinal Zone
from 15" to 35" N
Yinn-Nien Huang 47

5 Precise Ionospheric Correction by Using GPS Signals for VLBI Geodetic Measurements
Tetsuro Kondo and Michito Zmae 53

6 Altimetric Ionospheric Correction Using DORIS Doppler Data
P. Escudier, N. Picot and 0. Z. Zanife 61

7 The Determination of Tropospheric Conditions (Especially H,O) Affecting the Accuracy of Position
G. K. Hartmann 73

8 Modeling and Prediction of Density Changes and Winds Affecting Spacecraft Trajectories
T. L. Killeen, A. G. Burns, R. M. Johnson and F. A. Marcos 83

9 Surface Force Modeling for Precision Orbit Determination
J. C. Ries, C. K. Shum, and B. D. Tapley 111

10 Drag Effects on the SPOT 2 Satellite as Measured by the DORIS Tracking System
F. Nouel, JP. Berthias, A. Guitart, A. Piuzzi and C. Valorge 125

11 Particle and Thermal Drag Forces on Geodetic Satellites at High Altitudes
Franqois Barlier and Francois Mignard 131

12 Influence of Thermospheric Drag, Winds and Gravity Waves on a Gradiometer Mission at 200 km
Christiane Berger and Franqois Barlier 139

13 Upper Atmosphere Model for the Prediction of the Position of Satellites
M. N. Vlasov 151

14 Progress in Geomagnetic Storm Prediction
Rita C. Sagalyn and Sidney A. Bowhill 157