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Environmental Instrumentation and Analysis Handbook



Environmental Instrumentation and Analysis Handbook

Randy D. Down (Editor), Jay H. Lehr (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-46354-2 October 2004 1080 Pages

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A comprehensive resource for information about different technologies and methods to measure and analyze contamination of air, water, and soil.
* Serves as a technical reference in the field of environmental science and engineering
* Includes information on instrumentation used for measurement and control of effluents and emissions from industrial facilities that can directly influence the environment
* Focuses on applications, making it a practical reference tool

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1. Influence of Regulatory Requirements on Instrumentation Design (Randy D. Down).

2. In Situ Versus Extractive Measurement Techniques (Gerald McGowan).

3. Validation of Continuous Emission Monitor (CEM) System Accuracy and Reliability (Todd B. Colin).

4. Integration of CEM into Distributed Control Systems (Joseph A. Ice).

5. Infrared Absorption Spectroscopy (Tye Ed Barber, Norma L. Ayala, John M.E. Storey, G. Louis Powell, William D. Brosey, and Norman R. Smyrl).

6. Ultraviolet Analyzers (Jeffrey E. Johnston and Marc M. Baum).

7. Total Hydrocarbon Analysis Using Flame Ionization Detector (John Kosch).

8. Gas Chromatography in Environmental Analysis (John N. Driscoll).

9. Online Analysis of Environmental Samples by Mass Spectrometry (Raimo A. Ketola).

10. Photoionization (John N. Driscoll).

11. Portable Versus Stationary Analytical Instruments (Randy D. Down).

12. Application of XRF to the Analysis of Environmental Samples (John N. Driscoll).

13. Laboratory Analysis (Paul J. Giammatteo and John C. Edwards).

14. Solid-Phase Microextraction (Yong Chen and Janusz Pawliszyn).

15. Continuous Particulate Monitoring (William J. Averdieck).

16. Gas Survey Instruments (Randy D. Down).

17. Ion Chromatography for the Analysis of Inorganic Anions in Water (Peter E. Jackson).

18. Ultraviolet–Visible Analysis of Water and Wastewater (Bernard J. Beemster).


19. Thermal Conductivity Detectors (John M. Hiller and Nancy M. Baldwin).

20. Opacity Monitors (Julian Saltz).

21. Temperature Measurement (Randy D. Down).

22. pH Analyzers and Their Application (James R. Gray).

23. Conductivity Analyzers and Their Application (James R. Gray).

24. Turbidity Monitoring (John Downing).

25. Watershed Scale, Water Quality Monitoring–Water Sample Collection (Randy A. Dahlgren, Kenneth W. Tate, and Dylan S. Ahearn).


26. Level Measurements in Groundwater Monitoring Wells (Willis Weight).

27. Laboratory Analysis of Wastewater and Groundwater Samples (Lawrence R. Keefe).

28. Techniques for Groundwater Sampling (Robert M. Powell).

29. Soil Permeability and Dispersion Analysis (Aziz Amoozegar).

30. Passive Sampling (Lee Trotta).

31. Instrumentation in Groundwater Monitoring (David L. Russell).

32. Microbiological Field Sampling and Instrumentation in Assessment of Soil and Groundwater Pollution (Ann Azadpour-Keeley).


33. Use of Instrumentation for pH Control (Mark Lang).

34. Automatic Wastewater Sampling Systems (Bob Davis and Jim McCrone).

35. Optimum Wastewater Sampling Locations (Bob Davis and James McCrone).

36. Wastewater Level Measurement Techniques (Ernest Higginson).


37. Data Acquisition Systems for Ambient Air Monitoring (Matthew Eisentraut and Martin Hansen).

38. Air Pollution Control Systems (Randy D. Down).

39. Measurement of Ambient Air Quality (Gerald McGowan).


40. Air Flow Measurement (Randy D. Down).

41. Gas Flow Measurement (Ashok Kumar, Jampana Siva Sailaja and Harish G. Rao).

42. Non-Open-Channel Flow Measurement (Randy D. Down).

43. Open-Channel Wastewater Flow Measurement Techniques (Bob Davis and Jim McCrone).

44. Compliance Flow Monitoring in Large Stacks and Ducts (Richard Myers).


"This handbook has many valuable features and provides a wealth of information for the professional...should have wide appeal." (Environmental Practice, June 2006)

"...a comprehensive catalog of the benefits and drawbacks of virtually every available tool and technique." (Journal of the American Water Resources Association, April 2005)

"...should greatly simply the decision making process when selecting the proper monitoring method or instrument." (E-STREAMS, April 2005)

"Each chapter gives a detailed description of the instrument and methodology at hand, which is supported by valuable case studies and enriched by discussions of common pitfalls and how to avoid them." (Journal of the American Chemical Society, March 31, 2005)

“…an excellent guide to the variety of the techniques used for environmental monitoring and analysis.” (Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, February 2007)