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Environmental Issues and Waste Management Technologies in the Ceramic and Nuclear Industries VIII



Environmental Issues and Waste Management Technologies in the Ceramic and Nuclear Industries VIII

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Papers in this volume illustrate the delicate balance that exists among the environment, the processes/technologies that have been used in glass and ceramic industries, as well as the wastes - both nuclear and non-nuclear (hazardous) - that have been generated. This book helps to foster continued scientific understanding, technological growth, and environmental stewardship within the fields of ceramics, glass, and environmental/nuclear engineering.

Proceedings of the symposium held at the 104th Annual Meeting of The American Ceramic Society, April 28-May1, 2002 in Missouri; Ceramic Transactions, Volume 143.

Preface xi

Recycling of Ceramics and Glasses

Industrial Applications for Spent Refractory Materials 3
J.R Bennett and K.-S. Kwong

Ceramic-Based Magnetic Extractants for Removal of Organics from Water 15
A. Apblett, S.M. Al-Fadul, and TM.Trad

Investigation on a Recycling Process of Waste Colored Glass 23
D. Chen, H. Masui,T. Akai, and T.Yazawa

Use of Mid-Delaware River Dredge Sediment as a Raw Material in Ceramic Processing 31
K. Hill and KA. Haber

Sodium Extraction from Waste Glass by Acid Leaching to Obtain a Silica Source for Construction Materials 39
T. Akai, D. Chen.YYamamoto.T Shirakami, K. Urabe, K. Kuraoka, and I Yazawa

Emissions in Glass and Ceramic Industries

Analysis of Emissions from Nitrate Containing Glasses 49
S. Luo and LE. Jones

Characterizing Particulate Emissions using Micrometer-Scale X-Ray Fluorescence 59
J.R Shackelford, RB. Kelly, S.S. Cliff, M.Jimenez-Cruz, and TA Cahill

Dilatometry and Mass Spectrometry Study of the Decomposition and Sintering of Calcium Carbonate 67
K. Feng and S.J. Lombardo

Lead-Free Electronics: Current and Pending Legislation 75
J.M. Schoenung

First Delisting Petition Approval by the US EPA for a Vitrified Mixed Waste 83
J.B. Pickett, CM. Jantzen, and LC Martin

Characterization of Defense Nuclear Waste using Hazardous Waste Guidance: Insights on the Process at Hanford 95
M. Lerchen, L Huffman, W. Hamel, and K. Wiemers

Effect of Transition/Non-Transition Metal Modification on the Activity of Ga203-Al203 Catalyst for NOx Reduction by Hydrocarbon under Oxygen-Rich Conditions 105
M.H. Zahir, S. Katayama, K. Maeda, and M. Awano

Vitrification Technology and Melter Disassembly

COGEMA Experience in Operating and Dismantling HLW Melter 113
R. Do-Quang, J.L Desvaux, R Mougnard, A. Jouan, and C. Ladirat

Conceptual Methods for Disposal of a DWPF Melter and Components 123
M.E. Smith, D.F. Bickford, F.M. Heckendom, and E.M. Kriikku

Evaluation of Crystallinity Constraint for HLW Glass Processing 133
R Hrma, J. Matyás, and D.-S. Kim

Ruthenium - Spinel Interaction in a Model High-Level Waste (HLW) Glass 141
TM.Willwater, J.V Crum, S.M. Goodwin, and S.K. Sundaram

Glass Formulation and Testing

Interim Models Developed to Predict Key Hanford Waste Glass Properties using
Composition 151
J.D. Vienna, D-S. Kim, and R Hrma

Relationship between Liquidus Temperature and Solubility 159
R Hrma and J.D.Vienna

Glass Formulation for INEEL Sodium Bearing Waste 169
J.D.Vienna, D.-S. Kim, and D.K. Peeler

Vitrification of Korean Low-Level Waste 177
LO. Nelson, P Kong, G.Anderson, K. Choi, C.-W. Kim, and S.-W Shin

Phase Equilibria,Viscosity, Durability, and Raman Spectra in the System for Idaho Nuclear Waste Forms 185
S.V. Raman, B.A. Scholes, A. Erickson, and A.A. Zareba

Measurement of Simulated Waste Glass Viscosity 199
R.F. Schumacher,T.B. Edwards, D.K. Peeler, and A.G. Blum

Hanford Tank Waste Treatment

Hanford Low-Level Waste Form Performance for Meeting Land Disposal Requirements 209
R.F. Schumacher C.L Crawford, N.E. Bibler, D.M. Ferrara, HD. Smith, G.L Smith, J.D.Vienna, DB. Blumenkranz, DJ. Swanberg, I.L. Pegg, and I.S. Müller

Leaching Mechanism of Borosilicate Glasses under TCLP Conditions 215
H. Gan and I.L. Pegg

Electrochemical Studies of Sulfate-Containing Waste Glass Melts 225
I.Vidensky, H. Gan, A.C. Buechele, and I.L. Pegg

Durability Testing and Modeling

Modeling High-Level Waste Glass Degradation in Performance Assessment Calculations 235
W.L Ebert

Waste Glass Corrosion: Some Open Questions 245
P Hrma, J.D Vienna, and J.D. Yeager

Vapor Phase Hydration of Glasses in H20 and D20 253
T.R. Schatz, A.C. Buechele, C.F. Mooers, RWysoczanski, and I.L Pegg

Modeling Fluid Chemistry Inside a Waste Package Due to Waste Form and Waste Package Corrosion 263
V.Jain and N. Sridhar

Leaching Full-Scale Fractured Glass Blocks 275
Y Minet and N. Godon

Development of Sensors for Waste Package Testing and Monitoring in the Long-Term Repository Environments 283
V Jain, S. Brossia, D. Dunn, and L.Yang

Corrosion of Partially Crystallized Glasses 291
R Hrma, B.J. Riley, and J.D.Vienna

Ceramic and Alternative Waste Forms

Development ofTitanate Ceramic Wasteforms and Crystal Chemistry of Incorporated Uranium and Plutonium 301
E.R. Vance

Substitution of Zr, Mg, Al, Fe, Mn, Co, and Ni in Zirconolite, CaZrTi2Oy 313
E.R.Vance, J.V. Hanna, B.A. Hunter, B.D. Begg, D.S. Perera, H. Li, and Z.-M. Zhang

Effects of Sub-Surface Damage Induced by Mechanical Polishing on Leach Testing of Cesium-Bearing Hollandite 321
M.L Carter; E.R. Vance, D.J. Attard, and D.R.G. Mitchell

Iron Phosphate Glasses for Vitrifying Sodium Bearing Waste 329
C.-W. Kim, D. Zhu, D.E. Day, and D Gombert

Phosphate Glasses for Vitrification of Waste with High Sulfur Content 337
D.-S. Kim, J.D.Vienna, R Hrma, and N. Cassingham

Solubility of High-Chrome Nuclear Wastes in Iron Phosphate Glasses 347
W. Huang, C.-W. Kim, C.S. Ray, and D.E. Day

Development of a Sampling Method for Qualification of a Ceramic High-Level Waste Form 355
T.R. O'Holleran and K.J. Bateman

Microwave Heating for Production of a Glass Bonded Ceramic High-Level Waste Form 363
T.R. O'Holleran

Morphology and Composition of Simulant Waste Loaded Polymer Composite - Phase Inversion, Encapsulation, and Durability 371
H.D. Smith, G.L Smith, G. Xia, and B.J.J. Zelinski

93Nb MAS NMR of Niobium Containing Silicotitanate Exchange Materials 377
B.R. Cherry, M. Nyman, and I M . Alam

Selective Absorption of Heavy Metals and Radionuclides from Water in a Direct-to-Ceramic Process 385
B.R Kiran, A.W. Apblett, and M. Chehbouni

Index 395