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Environmental Issues and Waste Management Technologies in the Ceramic and Nuclear Industries X: Proceedings of the 106th Annual Meeting of The American Ceramic Society, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA 2004

Environmental Issues and Waste Management Technologies in the Ceramic and Nuclear Industries X: Proceedings of the 106th Annual Meeting of The American Ceramic Society, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA 2004

John D. Vienna (Editor), Connie C. Herman (Editor), Sharon Marra (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-40843-8 April 2012 271 Pages


These proceedings capture advances in the state of knowledge in nuclear and waste materials science and technology. In addition, the proceedings addresses the environmental issues associated with ceramic processing. Included are the status of environmental issues and their solutions, both current and proposed.

Preface viii

Nuclear and Hazardous Waste Forms and Fuels—Processing and Technology

Vitrification Testing and Demonstration for the Hanford Waste Treatment and Immobilization Plant 3
J.M. Perez, Jr., S.M. Barnes, E.V. Morrey, S. Kelly, Jr., and L Petkus

Bubbling as a Means to Enhance Joule Heated Ceramic Melter Production Rates for Vitrifying Radioactive Wastes 21
B.W. Bowan, II, R. Meigs, and E.C. Smith

High Level Waste Processing Experience with Increased Waste Loadings 31
C.M. Jantzen, A.D. Cozzi, and N.E. Bibler

DWPF Glass Air-Lift Pump Life Cycle Testing and Plant Implementation 51
M.E. Smith, A.B. Barnes, D.F. Bickford, K.J. Imrich, D.C. Iverson, and H.N. Guerrero

Corrosion Resistance of Metal Electrodes in an Iron Phosphate Melt 59
C.W. Kim, D. Zhu, and D.E. Day

Fluidized Bed Steam Reforming (FBSR) of Organic and Nitrate Containing Salt Supernate 69
C.M. Jantzen

Steam Reformation of Sodium Bearing Waste: Pros & Cons 81
D.D. Siemer

ANSTO's Waste Form Research and Development Capabilities 91
E.R. Vance, B.D. Begg, R.A. Day, S. Moricca, D.S. Perera, M.W.A. Stewart, M.L. Carter, P.J. McGlinn, and K.L. Smith

Stabilization of Arsenic-Bearing Iron Hydroxide Solid Wastes in Polymeric Matrices 99
F. Rengifo, B. Garbo, A. Quach, W.P. Ela, A.E. Sez, C. Franks, B.J.J. Zelinski, D.P. Birnie, III, H. Smith, and G. Smith

Effect of Thermal Treatment Conditions on Microstructure and Composition of High Temperature Reactor Fuel Kernel 109
F. Charollais, A. Duhart, P. Felines, P. Guillermier, and C. Perrais

Glass Waste Forms—Modelling, Properties, and Testing

Predicting Phase Equilibria of Spinel-Forming Constituents in Waste Glass Systems 121
T.M. Besmann, N.S. Kulkarni, K.E. Spear, and J.D. Vienna

Liquidus Temperature and One Percent Crystal Content Models for Initial Hanford HLW Glasses 133
J.D. Vienna, T.B. Edwards, J.V. Crum, D.S. Kim, and D.K. Peeler

Dependency of Sulfate Solubility on Melt Composition and Melt Polymerization 141
C.M. Jantzen, M.E. Smith, and D.K. Peeler

Evaluation of Glass from The DWPF Melter 153
A.D. Cozzi and N.E. Bibler

Redox Activity of Rhenium in Silicate Glasses 163
H.D. Schreiber, C.W. Schreiber, and A.M. Swink

Analysis of Defense Waste Processing Facility Products with Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy 171
F.-Y. Yueh, H. Zheng, J.P. Singh, and W.G Ramsey

The Structural Chemistry of Molybdenum in Model High Level Nuclear Waste Glasses, Investigated by MO K-Edge X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy 179
N.C. Hyatt, R.J. Short, R.J. Hand, W.E. Lee, F. Livens, J.M. Charnock, and R.L. Bilsborrow

Ceramic Waste Forms—Formulation and Testing

Alpha Decay Damage in Ceramic Waste Forms—Microstructural Aspect 191
J.-F. Jue, T.P. O'Holleran, S.M. Frank, and S.G. Johnson

Charge Compensation in Ca(La)Ti03 Solid Solutions 199
E.R.Vance, B.D. Begg, J.V. Hanna, V. Luca, J.H. Hadley, and F.H. Hsu

Hollandite Ceramics: Effect of Composition on Melting Temperature 207
M.L. Carter, E.R. Vance, D.J. Cassidy, H. Li, and D.R.G Mitchell

Chemical Durability of Iron-Substituted Hollandite Ceramics for Cesium Immobilization 217
F. Bart, G Leturcq, and H. Rabiller

Titanate Ceramics for Immobilization of U-Rich Wastes 225
E.R. Vance, M.L. Carter, S. Moricca, and T.L. Eddowes

Waste Form Development for the Solidification of PDCF/MOX Liquid Waste Streams 233
A.D. Cozzi and C.A. Langton

Solidification of Sodium Bearing Waste Using Hydroceramic and Portland Cement Binders 243
Y. Bao and M.W. Grutzeck

Grout Formulations For Closing Hanford High-Level Waste Tanks—Bench-Scale Study 253
T.H. Loner, D.H. Miller, J.R. Harbour, C.A. Langton, and W.L. Mhyre

Chemical Solution Deposition of CaCu3Ti4O12 Thin Films 261
M.D. Losego and J.-P. Maria

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Keyword Index 270