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Environmental Responses

Andrew Blowers (Editor), Steve Hinchliffe (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-85005-3 September 2003 312 Pages


Climate change, urban congestion, nuclear waste, deforestation, destruction of wildlife - how can we respond to these and the many other environmental problems that the world faces today? Can we trust the experts? Does technology have the answers? Should we look to governments or to markets to solve the problems? Are political solutions possible? Should we be optimistic or pessimistic about the environmental futures? To address these questions we need to look at environmental responses in an integrated way. This includes understanding the responses of environments to change, and the responses to those changes made by societies. Environmental Responses takes an innovative interdisciplinary approach to understanding the risks and uncertainties that inform our responses to environments. Featuring places such as Lake Baikal, Andalusia, Cumbria and Bhutan the book is richly illustrated drawing on examples from across the world. Among the issues covered are:
* how we might deal with environmental risk in conditions of scientific and political uncertainty
* the need to understand the technical, economic and political responses to environmental change
* finding new ways of involving citizens in decisions affecting environmental futures
* the prospects for achieving sustainable forms of development
Environmental Responses is the final book in a series entitled Environment: Change, Contest and Response that forms a large part of an Open University interdisciplinary course on environmental matters. The other books in the series are:Understanding Environmental Issues
Changing Environments
Contested Environments
Series Preface.

Introduction (Andrew Blowers and Steve Hinchliffe).

Chapter One: Environmental responses: radioactive risks and uncertainty (Steve Hinchliffe, Andrew Blowers).

Chapter Two: Design for urban environments (Rod Barratt).

Chapter Three: Economic Analysis and environmental responses (Paul Anand).

Chapter Four:  Environmental politics: society's capacity for political response (Pieter Leroy, Karin Verhagen).

Chapter Five: Climate change: global responses under uncertainty (Stephen Peake).

Chapter Six: Sustainable environmental futures: opportunities and constraints (Steve Hinchliffe, Andrew Blowers, Joanna Freeland).

Epilogue: environmental futures (Andrew Blowers, Steve Hinchliffe).



"...very inviting and user friendly...primarily for Open University students...highly attractive to a far wider readership..." (RoSPA Occupational Safety & Health Jnl, 1 March 2004)

“…an informative, richly illustrated and accessible reader, which develops a number of environmental themes…” (Geography, 2004)