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Environmental Science: Earth as a Living Planet, Canadian Edition


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Environmental Science: Earth as a Living Planet, Canadian Edition

ISBN: ES8-0-470-83688-0


Environmental Science, Canadian Edition introduces the reader to the study of the environment using the sciences as its foundation. This highly topical and interdisciplinary subject is presented with balance and clarity and is extensively illustrated. The Canadian edition incorporates many new Canadian references, as well as current international examples to highlight the environmental issues and establish relevancy for the student. Environmental Science encourages the reader to think critically about the study of the environment, on a local, national and global level.
Chapter 1
Key Themes in Environmental Sciences

Chapter 2
Science as a Way of Knowing: Critical Thinking about the Environment

Chapter 3
The Big Picture: Systems of Change

Chapter 4
The Human Population and the Environment

Chapter 5
The Biogeochemical Cycles

Chapter 6
Ecosystem Structure and Function

Chapter 7
Biological Diversity

Chapter 8

Chapter 9
Biological Productivity and Energy Flow

Chapter 10
Ecological Restoration and Succession

Chapter 11
Agriculture, Food Production, and the Environment

Chapter 12
Effects of Agriculture on the Environment

Chapter 13
Forests, Parks, and Landscapes

Chapter 14
Wildlife, Fisheries, and Endangered Species

Chapter 15
Environmental Health, Pollution, and Toxicology

Chapter 16
Energy: Some Basics

Chapter 17
Energy Choices and the Environment

Chapter 18
Water Supply, Use, and Management

Chapter 19
Water Pollution and Treatment

Chapter 20
The Atmosphere, Climate, and Climate Change

Chapter 21
Air Pollution

Chapter 22
Ozone Depletion

Chapter 23
Minerals and the Environment

Chapter 24
Waste Management

Chapter 25
Environmental Policy: Economics and Law

Chapter 26
Imagine a Sustainable Future

  • Extensive Canadian and international examples are used throughout the text.
  • This highly presentable book is lavishly illustrated and contains hundreds of photographs.
  • Chapter-Opening Case Studies highlight topical Canadian and international environmental issues that relate to the chapter subject matter.
  • Six themes are highlighted throughout the text: Human Population, Sustainability, A Global Perspective, The Urban World, People and Nature, and Science and Values help readers appreciate the interdisciplinary nature of this subject.
  • Using a step-by-step approach, Build Your Environmental Skills help students develop their quantitative abilities and apply them to environmental issues.
  • Critical Thinking Issue Boxes at the end of each chapter present important environmental issues and encourage students to analyze these events.