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Environmentally Conscious Alternative Energy Production

Environmentally Conscious Alternative Energy Production

Myer Kutz (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-20973-8

Jan 2008

336 pages


This fourth volume of the Wiley Series in Environmentally Conscious Engineering, Environmentally Conscious Alternative Engergy Production describes and compares the environmental and economic impacts of renewable and conventional power generation technologies. Major topic areas include: Economic comparisons of power generation technologies, Efficiency comparisons of power generation technologies, Methods of improving the environmental impact of conventional technologies, Solar thermal systems, Photovoltaics, Fuel cell technologies, Geothermal power generation, Hydroelectric power generation, Wind power generation, Cogeneration, The hydrogen economy, Energy efficient building design, Industrial energy conservation, and Codes, standards and legislation, and others.


1: Economic Comparisons of Power Generation Technologies (Todd S. Nemec).

2: Solar Energy Applications (Jan F. Kreider).

3: Fuel Cells (Matthew M. Mench).

4: Geothermal Resources and Technology: An Introduction (Peter D. Blair).

5: Wind Power Generation (Todd S. Nemec).

6: Cogeneration (Jerald A. Caton).

7: Hydrogen Energy (E. K. Stefanakos, D. Y. Goswami, S. S. Srinivasan, and J. T. Wolan).

8: Clean Power Generation from Coal (James W. Butler and Prabir Basu).

9: Using Waste Heat from Power Plants (Herbert A. Ingley III).

Appendix A: Solar Thermal and Photovoltaic Collector Manufacturing Activities 2005.

Appendix B: Survey of Geothermal Heat Pump Shipments, 1990–2004.


  • Focus on integrating environmentally conscious techniques and objectives into everyday work to solve problems
  • Coverage of design optimization, cost reduction and quality improvement while meeting environmental standards and regulations
  • Case studies from diverse industries will provide guidance to practitioners in areas outside their expertise