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Environmentally Friendly Production of Pulp and Paper



Environmentally Friendly Production of Pulp and Paper

Pratima Bajpai

ISBN: 978-0-470-52810-5 October 2010 365 Pages


Implementing Cleaner Production in the pulp and paper industry

The large—and still growing—pulp and paper industry is a capital- and resource-intensive industry that contributes to many environmental problems, including global warming, human toxicity, ecotoxicity, photochemical oxidation, acidification, nutrification, and solid wastes. This important reference for professionals in the pulp and paper industry details how to improve manufacturing processes that not only cut down on the emission of pollutants but also increase productivity and decrease costs.

Environmentally Friendly Production of Pulp and Paper guides professionals in the pulp and paper industry to implement the internationally recognized process of Cleaner Production (CP). It provides updated information on CP measures in:

  • Raw material storage and preparation

  • Pulping processes (Kraft, Sulphite, and Mechanical)

  • Bleaching, recovery, and papermaking

  • Emission treatment and recycled fiber processing

In addition, the book includes a discussion on recent cleaner technologies and their implementation status and benefits in the pulp and paper industry.

Covering every aspect of pulping and papermaking essential to the subject of reducing pollution, this is a must-have for paper and bioprocess engineers, environmental engineers, and corporations in the forest products industry.


1 Introduction.

1.1 Superior Operating Procedures.

1.2 Process Modifications.

1.3 Process Redesign.

1.4 Recycling.


2 Overview of Pulp and Papermaking Processes.

2.1 Raw Material Preparation and Handling.

2.2 Pulp Manufacturing.

2.3 Pulp Washing and Screening.

2.4 Pulp Bleaching.

2.5 Stock Preparation.

2.6 Papermaking.

2.7 Chemical Recovery.


3 Environmental Issues of the Pulp and Paper Industry.

3.1 Effluent Toxicity.

3.2 Air Emissions.


4 Emissions from Pulp and Papermaking.

4.1 Kraft Pulping.

4.2 Sulfite Pulping.

4.3 Mechanical Pulping.

4.4 Recycled Fiber Processing.

4.5 Papermaking.


5 Cleaner Production Measures in Pulp and Paper Making.

5.1 Kraft Pulping.

5.2 Sulfite Pulping.

5.3 Mechanical and Chemimechanical Pulping.

5.4 Recycled Paper Processing.

5.5 Papermaking.


6 Recent Developments in Cleaner Production.

6.1 Use of Cooking Catalyst.

6.2 Organo Solvent Pulping.

6.3 Black Liquor Gasification.

6.4 Removal of Chelating Agents.

6.5 Energy-Efficient Thermomechanical Pulping Processes.

6.6 Recovery of Boiler Ash and Carbon Dioxide Gas to Produce Recycled Mineral Fillers.

6.7 Impulse Technology for Dewatering of Paper.

6.8 Condebelt Process.

6.9 Internal Heat Pumps.

6.10 Total Site Integration Tools.

6.11 Wastewater Treatment for Water Recovery and Reuse.

6.12 Biotechnologies for Cleaner Paper Production.


Glossary and Abbreviations.

Subject Index.