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Epidemiology of Work Related Diseases, 2nd Edition

Epidemiology of Work Related Diseases, 2nd Edition

Corbett McDonald (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-69489-3

Apr 2008, BMJ Books

224 pages



This comprehensive, well referenced text provides an up to date review of what is known scientifically about occupational and environmental causes of sickness, disability, and death. It also includes information on the scientific methods used in acquiring this knowledge, making it a complete reference for both clinicians in occupational medicine, and researchers.

Preface To The Second Edition.


1 Occupational epidemiology.

Occupational Cancer.

2 Metals and chemicals.

3 Ionising radiation.

4 Electromagnetic fields.

5 Asbestos.

6 Man made mineral fibres.

7 Silica.

Non-Maligant Diseases.

8 Asthma.

9 Dermatoses.

10 Neurobehavioural disorders.

11 Noises and vibration.

12 Back and limb disorders.

13 Injuries at work.

14 Work stress.

15 Work in agriculture.

16 Work and pregnancy.

17 Occupation and infertility.


18 Study design.

19 Assessment of exposure.

20 Measurement of outcome.

21 Molecular assessment of exposure, effect, and effect modification.

22 Evaluation of preventive measures.

23 Analysis and interpretation.


24 Setting health based standards from the occupational to the general environment.


"this is a thoroughly recommendable textbook both for those working in the field of occupational epidemiology and, in particular, those in training in the subject" - Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health
New edition of the established fully comprehensive text on the subject

Includes seven new chapters

Edited and with contributions from the worlds leading authorities