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Epilepsia Open is the new open access journal of the International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE). The primary aim of Epilepsia Open is to rapidly publish robust high quality results that provide insights in all aspects of epilepsy research. Specifically, Epilepsia Open will publish peer reviewed, high quality open access articles covering the entire breadth of basic, translational and clinical research in epilepsy. The spectrum of articles may include all disciplines of life and health sciences, such as public/global health science and societal impact studies. Epilepsia Open also welcomes submissions of high quality research with confirmatory results, failure-to-confirm studies, and negative results or interesting study protocols for testing new treatments. Epilepsia Open will publish communications from the ILAE and its Chapters. A priority is also given to commentaries of issues and concepts that enhance the access and application of basic research findings for clinical scientists and health professionals, and promote a better understanding of clinical challenges for biomedical researchers. Epilepsia Open is creating a unique forum for the reputable and speedy open access publication of epilepsy research. We are committed to facilitating and invigorating a robust and successful pipeline for improved human health science in epilepsy.