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Epistemology, Volume 13

James Tomberlin (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-631-21825-8 April 2000 Wiley-Blackwell 540 Pages


This important compilation of articles based on issues surrounding epistemology, includes A Priori, Coherence, Contextualism, and Scepticism; Justification and Knowledge; Epistemic Possibility; Kant and Wittgenstein; Feminist Epistemology; the Epistemic Theory of Vagueness.
Part I: The Seventh Philosophical Pespectives Lecture.

A Priori Warrant and Naturalistic Epistemology. (Alvin Goldman).

Part II: The A Priori.

A Theory of the A Priori. (George Bealer).

Part III: Coherence, Contextualism and Skepticism:.

Contextualism, Skepticism, and the Structure of Reasons. (Stewart Cohen).

Contextualism and Skepticism. (Richard Feldman).

The Proper Role for Contextualism in an Anti-Luck Epistemology. (Mark Heller).

Knowledge, Skepticism and Coherence. (Keith Lehrer).

How to Defeat Opposition to Moore. (Ernest Sosa ).

The New Relevant Alternatives Theory. (Jonathan Vogel).

Part IV: Justification and Knowledge.

Back to the Theory of Appearing. (William P. Alston).

Self-Evidence: Robert Audi.

Foundationalism and the External World. (Laurence Bojour).

Two Recent Approaches to Self-Knowledge. (Anthony Brueckner).

Agent Reliablism. (John Greco).

Human Knowledge and the Infinite Regress of Reasons. (Peter D. Klein).

Knowledge in Humans and Other Animals. (Hilary Kornblith).

Part V: Epistemic Possibility. .

Cosmic Mermeneutics. (Alex Byrne).

Can it Be That It Would Have Been Even Though It Might Not Have Been? (Keith Derose).

Part VI: Historical Matters: Kant and Wittgenstein. .

Kant's Epistemological Problem and Its Coherent Solution. (Patricia Kitcher).

A Father of the Revolution. (Howard Wettstein).

Part VII: Feminist Epistemology. .

What Knowledge Is and What It ought to Be: Feminists Values and Normative Epistemology. (Sally Haslanger).

The Epistemic Theory of Vagueness. (Stephen Schiffer).

Schiffer on the Epistemic Theory of Vagueness. (Timothy Williamson).